9 Children Die Of Mystery Illness In Chittagong Bangladesh

The real reason for the death of the children is not known

Over the last four days, nine Tripuri children living in the remote hills of Sitakunda in Chittagong Hill Tracts have died due to unknown diseases. Four of them died on Wednesday.

A total of 35 children were admitted to the Chittagong Medical College Hospital and Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital.

All of them showed the same symptoms but doctors have not yet been able to identify the type of disease the children contracted.

One of the parents of the children admitted at the Chittagong Medical College Hospital said that his daughter first started showing symptoms around five days ago. “My daughter first showed symptoms of fever. Later, she suffered from rashes, diarrhoea and abdominal pain”.

The Chittagong District Civil Surgeon Azizul Rahman Siddiqui confirmed that a total of nine children have died. “The real reason for the death of the children is not known. We collected the patient’s blood samples from the spot,” he said.

A specialised team of experts is set to come to Sitakunda in order to identify the disease, the Surgeon added.

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