Am Not Yet Done With Politics – Okupe

SSA to former President Good luck Jonathan in an interview spoke on certains issues concerning the forthcoming 2019 elections. The interview in parts:

You left PDP and joined Accord Party during the PDP crisis because you didn’t know they were going to resolve the crisis..
It is not true. I knew the resolution of the crisis was going to come. If you speak to people who were close to me when I was in PDP, I had expressed intention to leave the party long ago,

I came into politics at the age of 28 and I’m now 65. So, a lot of time has gone and I’m not done with politics yet.

But you believe that if not for the misrule of the 16 years of PDP, Nigeria would not be in the mess it is today…

What is happening in the country today is not due to misrule of previous governments. This country and most black nations in the world are run on half-hazard basis.

Finally, 2019 is very close and politicians are on the march again, what do you see, do you foresee Buhari coming back?

We are all praying and hoping that by the grace of God, he will complete his term. That will just be fair. But if he wants to come back, there is nothing wrong,

So what kind of Nigeria do you hope to see by 2019?

2019 is too short to change anything in Nigeria, but we can begin to lay the building block of a new nation and this new nation will only be built by a majority of workmen who will be young people, with a lot of zeal and honesty.

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