Boy Dies Of Allergic Cheese Reaction

An allergic reaction occurred because a piece of cheese was ‘thrown’ on him.

Karanbir Cheema
Karanbir Cheema

Karanbir Cheema, a 13-year-old boy fell ill while he was at his school in west London. A student of William Perkin C of E High School in Greenford, Karanbir died due to an allergic reaction.

An allergic reaction occurred because a piece of cheese was ‘thrown’ on him.

The Cheema family demanded answers from the school and authorities whether their son was bullied at school or not.

According to a report by¬†The Independent,¬†Karanbir’s mother Rina said that he had multiple allergies but led a life of normalcy.

“I want answers, I want to get to the bottom of what happened, I will be asking the school if he was bullied but my son was very popular, you could not help but like that child, he never made enemies.”

Karanbir was allergic to dairy products and always religiously avoided them.

According to the school, Karanbir got hit by a piece of cheese and died. His father was not convinced by the explanation and felt that the incident did not make any ‘sense’.

The school showed remorse after the death of Karanbir Cheema and posted grief on their official website.

“The school has kept in close contact with the family, particularly in light of a number of unfounded rumours which have circulated over the past days.

I had to watch my son die, Karanbir Cheema mum Rina said

“The student in question had always dealt responsibly with his multiple allergies and medical staff were therefore able to respond quickly with his agreed care plan during the incident on Wednesday June 28.”

The police have arrested a fellow student of Karanbir on suspicion of attempted murder.

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