Even If FIFA Give Africa All The Slots, Africa Will Still Not Win The World Cup

It was with a great news that greeted the continent of Africa as Africa get 9 slots for expanded 2026 World Cup.
Africa get 9 slots for expanded 2026 World Cup, though this is a massive boost and unprecedented  help to the growth football in the continent, the reservations still remains.

The expanded 48-team World Cup approved by world football governing body FIFA today will see Africa now getting nine slots, four more than they currently enjoy.

An initial stage of 16 groups of three teams will precede a knockout stage for the remaining 32 when the change is made for the 2026 tournament.

The sport’s world governing body voted unanimously in favour of the change at a meeting in Zurich today.

In the expanded tournament, Europe will now have 16 teams, three more than what they have now, while South America will now get six automatic slots, upwards from the four automatic and one playoff places.

Asia have four extra spots with eight automatic and a playoff, while Concacaf get six automatic and a playoff slots.

Oceania and host country will have a slot each.

This opinion may look pessimistic and untowards but it is realistic, If Africa especially the sub-Saharan African leaders will not change their attitude towards positive and impactful sport development in their countries, even if it is an all african world cup slot , It will still be a flop and impossible for them to win the trophy, Imagine a scenario and share.

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