Fingerprint Recognition To Replace Pins – Mastercard


In no distant time, just a fingerprint will be needed to pay with Mastercard’s latest credit card.

Inspired by the likes of Apple, where a touch of your finger can unlock the iPhone, the card company is trailing the biometric technology to make it easier to pay.

How it works:

When shopping and paying in-store, the biometric card works like any other chip card. The cardholder simply dips the card into a retailer’s terminal while placing their finger on the embedded sensor. The fingerprint is verified against the template and – if the biometrics match – the cardholder is successfully authenticated and the transaction can then be approved with the card never leaving the consumer’s hand.

When customers first get a card, a fingerprint is turned into an “encrypted digital template” stored on the card.

Fingerprints are just one of several ways biometrics are being used to improve security in banking. Selfies and facial or voice recognition, and even the way you type on your smartphone, are being tested by banks for making payments and doing online banking.

“Consumers are increasingly experiencing the convenience and security of biometrics,” said Mastercard’s Ajay Bhalla.

“Whether unlocking a smartphone or shopping online, the fingerprint is helping to deliver additional convenience and security. It’s not something that can be taken or replicated and will help our cardholders get on with their lives knowing that their payments are protected.”

Mastercard has already introduced “pay by selfie” technology for online shopping

The technology is already being tested in South Africa (Africa’s Absa bank, part-owned by Barclays, and supermarket Pick n Pay) but further trials are planned for Europe and Asia Pacific in the coming months.

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