Flight Delay – Nigerians Complain

How can a flight be delayed from 8:30 am to 6:10 pm and there is no one you can complain to?
Travelling by air domestically has become so laborious and disappointing. You cannot adequately plan for appointments, you need to go a day ahead if you must be there when i could have just gone on the day. That increases the cost of doing.
And to think that there is no parastatal that one can contact for consumer protection is saddening.

How to report a complaint to the CPC

The CPC has set up an online form for consumers who want to make a complaint about a company. The information which you will have to provide are:

Name of person making the complaint
Contact Address
Contact details – Mobile number and email address
Name of the company you are complaining about
Address of the company/branch you visited
Contact details of the company
Receipt No. of Product/Service (if you have one)
Brief explanation of your complaint
Brief explanation of the outcome you want (e.g. you want a refund, you want to exchange goods etc.)
You may complete the online complaint form here – CPC Online Complaint Form. If you are not comfortable completing an online form, and would need to talk the complaint through first, then the CPC has dedicated customer complaint lines which you can call. You may contact them on 08056002020, 08056003030, or by email on : contact@cpc.gov.ng

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