President Mugabe, 93, Seriously Ill, Flown To Singapore

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been reportedly flown to Singapore for urgent medical treatment.
Mugabe’ health has been the subject of increased speculation in recent years and authorities in March arrested two journalists over a report alleging that he was “in bad shape”

President Mugabe now walks with difficulty and sometimes dozes off during meetings.

The 93-year-old President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mugabe, is sick and has gone to Singapore for treatment or what local media say is “routine medical check-up”.

“President Mugabe on Friday left the country for Singapore for a routine medical check-up,”

The paper said the veteran ruler is expected back in Zimbabwe midweek.

President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mugabe
President of Zimbabwe, Mr. Robert Mugabe

President Mugabe’s medical trips to the Southeast Asia city state have become more frequent in recent years. His previous visit was in May, also said to be for a “routine medical check-up”.

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