Vidal Lashes Referee Viktor Kassai Over Controversial Calls

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal, Bayern Munch midfielder and Chilean International, was very furious after a series of controversial decisions in his side’s Champions League exit to Real Madrid.

Vidal was given what was considered a dubious second yellow card in the 84th minute of the quarter-final second leg, meaning his side went into extra time a man down with the aggregate score level at 3-3.

Madrid went on to score three times in the additional period – two of which were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and appeared to be offside – to down the German champions 6-3 on aggregate.

And Vidal had some choice words for the officials following the match.

“When two big teams meet like this in the Champions League, such a robbery cannot happen,” the midfielder said.

Amid calls for Video Assistant Refereeing technology (VAR) to be implemented quickly to avoid such errors in the future, Vidal’s team-mate Thiago told reporters after the match that the solution is far more simple.

“It’s not about putting in VAR,” the Spanish midfielder said. “There have to be qualified referees.”

In Thiago’s opinion, the referee “had errors that are not up to the level of the Champions League.”

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