We Will Soon Start Producing Vehicle Number Plates – Bodinga

Wadata Aliyu Dogo Bodinga, acting director, FCT Road Traffic Services (VIO) had said in an interview that the agency will soon commence the production of number plates.

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See Excepts from the interview below:
Talking about vehicles number plates, what is your relationship with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), especially your revenue sharing formula?

You see, to be honest with you, the present Corps Marshal who has equally gone through the ranks of the Corps understands the role of both the FRSC and that of the state traffic officers, in relation to vehicles number plates’ registration, as well as drivers license.

We have been working in harmony with the FRSC, but there are certain issues that have been militating against the smooth running of the vehicles number plates’ registration exercise. You will remember that it is a long time since you heard of scarcity of vehicle number plates in the FCT.

This is because we are now proactive in dealing with the issues of settlement between the FRSC and the DRTS, whereby the 50 per cent of the revenue is remitted to the FRSC account without delay, unlike what we had before.

But are you aware that road transport administration are a residual matter, meaning that only the states are entitled to the revenue accruing from it.

Yes, presently if you look at the issue of Lagos State, because the laws on it are very clear, any state that can produce the number plates, on its own like, Lagos State is doing can go ahead and produce the number plates. But at the moment, the FCT is still getting the number plates from the FRSC.

Can’t you produce your own vehicles number plates, the way Lagos State is doing at the moment

Well, we can, but we believe that the project for the future. And by the grace of God it is part of the projects that we have been putting in our future budgetary proposals. But you know the issues of paucity of funds, coupled with the fact that the project is new, because we know that present FCT administration wants to complete old projects before embarking on new ones.

But the good thing is that we are looking at the viability of this project and when we start producing our own number plates it will add more revenue to the administration.

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