Functions Of Nigeria Microfinance Banks

Financial services play a vital role in the economic growth and development of cities and communities, as well as on a global level. These services provide businesses with access to credit and a means for saving and investing money. Microfinance banks make these services accessible to individuals and businesses within underdeveloped communities around the world. […]

Functions Of Nigeria Insurance Banks

The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) was established on 15 June 1988 to strengthen the safety net for the newly liberalized banking sector, following the recommendation of former Central Bank of Nigeria governor Ola Vincent. The NDIC is a parastatal under the Nigerian Ministry of Finance. The corporation is charged with protecting the banking system from instability occasioned by runs and […]

Languages In Haiti

Languages In  Haiti are Creole and French (both official) See  also Countries That Share Border With Haiti List Of Countries And Their Languages National Flag Of Haiti Brief Facts About Haiti