10 Most Expensive Hotels In Bayelsa State

  1. De-Brass Suites
    No 47. Azikoro Road, Yenagoa, Nigeria
  2. Alice Dee Hotels and Suites Limited
    3/5 Green Villa Road, Biogbolo, Yenagoa, Kpansia, Nigeria
  3. La Gold Hotel & Suite
    24, Lagold Street, Yenagoa, Ekeki, Nigeria
  4. Afamark Hotel
    778 Nikton Road, Yenagoa, Kpansia, Nigeria
  5. Monalisa Luxury Resort Limited
    Yenizke-Epie, Off Isaac Boro Express Road, Yenagoa, Nigeria
  6. Golden Gate Hotel Annex
    Eka Street, Opolo, Yenagoa, Biogbolo, Nigeria
  7. Green Villa Suites
    No 13 Green Villa Road, Biogbolo, Yenagoa, Biogbolo, Nigeria
  8. Davian Hotel
    467, Agbura Town Road, Yenagoa, Nigeria
  9. Amba Hotels Limited
    Ebisam Road, Akenfa, Yenagoa, Opolo, Nigeria
  10. Ambassadorial Garden Suite
    25, Ebi Mechanic Road, Yenagoa, Amarata, Nigeria

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