24 Ways To Stay Out Of And Escape Trouble In Nigeria.

These are the tips to stay out of trouble :-

  1. Do not offer lift to anybody at night for any reason whatsoever. You may be fallen into a trap.
  2. If you were robbed and any of your property is taken away by the robbers, you should report the incidence within minutes, because if the robbers are caught and your property is found with them, without your report at The Police Station recorded, you will be deemed to be part of the robbers and may be charged and prosecuted as an Accomplice!
  3. Do not buy used phones or laptops, except you are buying from a known friend and you have ascertained that he was the previous User, as it
    could be a product of theft, armed robbery or kidnapping, if so and you are arrested, you will be dealing with a case of armed robbery or kidnapping. Also do not buy vehicles from vendors, until you check the registration details at the National Vehicles Registration Database to know the actual owners, or you ascertain that the Customs Papers are genuine, it could be stolen, robbed vehicles or a product of a kidnapping operation.
  4. Do not leave Credit Alerts on your phone. Delete them immediately, it could make you a target of kidnapping in some circumstances or an easy way for fraudsters to empty your account.
  5. Do not disclose your location online, it could make you an easy targets for assailants.
  6. Do not give anybody, no matter how close, your phone or sim to make calls or allow people to put their sims in your phone to make calls, instead offer them airtime or your battery. If the person is wanted for a crime, you could be a soft target for the Police to get to the person.
  7. Do not respond to strange persons, telling you about NNPC Contract, PHCN Contract, or errors in your accounts, they are fraudsters.
  8. Do not ever stay in the midst of a mob, if any body dies from the mob action and you are apprehended at the scene, you will become a Murder Suspect!
  9. Always watch your rear through your side or inner mirror while driving to ascertain if you are being trailed, if yes, drive to the nearest Police Station.
  10. When flagged down by security agencies, be calm, polite and communicate with them in good English. It helps. If at night put on your inner lights before you approach them, it shows you have nothing to hide.
  11. Do not allow anybody to use your account or email for a third party transaction and do not transfer money for people indiscriminately, because you could be a soft target for the Police to get to the Person.
  12. Do not use ATMs at remote places at night, you could be robbed or kidnapped.
  13. Do not use an ATM Machine that shows Microsoft Error or any other error covering the screen, it may have been programmed by Yahoo Boys to siphon your money.
  14. Do not give testimonies in church or at an occasion with details of you making money or acquiring priced assets, you may acquire a kidnapping value, the Church is a mixed crowd and venue of an event is not a safe place.
  15. Keep details of your financial dealings away from your domestic staff and security details. what you say or do in their presence, they are also with you to spy on you.
  16. If you have Security Details, be careful what you say or do in their presence, they are also with you to spy on you.
  17. If you worked in a Government Establishment or Multinational, be careful what you relate to your colleagues, Government may have spies in every Government Body and Major Company in Nigeria.
  18. Be careful what you say on the phone, write on text and social media messages, every conversation is being monitored!
  19. Always keep your outside light on and the light inside off at home when sleeping. It confuses robbers and other assailants.
  20. Be careful what you communicate on Messenger, WhatsApp, or phone calls. They could easily be used as evidence against you by the Law Enforcement Agent. If wanted to make a classified communication, do it by WhatsApp calls. It cannot be recorded as it is an encrypted, end to end communication.
  21. Read documents very well before you sign.You are bound by what you sign. Do not allow any police man, investigating officer or security agent to force you make any statements. Insist on seeing your Lawyer. By the New Law -ACJL, they will oblige you, never make a statement for any reason that will implicate you as you could be on your way to jail.
  22. Having exotic dogs like Alsatians, Rotweilers, etc, not local dogs easily wades off criminals and alert you on the communication Assailants.
  23. Always have enough credit on your phone before sleeping, never sleep without airtime on your phone in case of emergency.

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