Aba South L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Aba river

Polling Unit:

(27 Polling Booths )
Aba river ndoki road primary school iii (PU: 01/02/11/027)
Aba river-danfodio road primary school i (PU: 01/02/11/021)
Aba river-danfodio road primary school ii (PU: 01/02/11/022)
Aba river-danfodio road primary school iii (PU: 01/02/11/023)
Aba river-danfodio road primary school iv (PU: 01/02/11/024)
Aba river-etche road,primary school i (PU: 01/02/11/001)
Aba river-etche road,primary school ii (PU: 01/02/11/002)
Aba river-etche road,primary school iii (PU: 01/02/11/003)
Aba river-etche road,primary school iv (PU: 01/02/11/004)
Aba river-etche road,primary school v (PU: 01/02/11/005)
Aba river-etche road,primary school vi (PU: 01/02/11/006)
Aba river-etche road,primary school vii (PU: 01/02/11/007)
Aba river-ndoki road primary school i (PU: 01/02/11/025)
Aba river-ndoki road primary school ii (PU: 01/02/11/026)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school i (PU: 01/02/11/008)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school ii (PU: 01/02/11/009)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school iii (PU: 01/02/11/010)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school iv (PU: 01/02/11/011)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school v (PU: 01/02/11/012)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school vi (PU: 01/02/11/013)
Aba river-obiora road,primary school vii (PU: 01/02/11/014)
Aba river-riverside primary school i (PU: 01/02/11/015)
Aba river-riverside primary school ii (PU: 01/02/11/016)
Aba river-riverside primary school iii (PU: 01/02/11/017)
Aba river-ulasi road primary school i (PU: 01/02/11/018)
Aba river-ulasi road primary school ii (PU: 01/02/11/019)
Aba river-ulasi road primary school iii (PU: 01/02/11/020)

Ward: Aba town hall

Polling Unit:

(21 Polling Booths )
Aba town hall – aba recreation club i (PU: 01/02/12/010)
Aba town hall – aba recreation club ii (PU: 01/02/12/011)
Aba town hall – aba recreation club iii (PU: 01/02/12/012)
Aba town hall – aba recreation club iv (PU: 01/02/12/013)
Aba town hall – aba town hall i (PU: 01/02/12/001)
Aba town hall – aba town hall ii (PU: 01/02/12/002)
Aba town hall – aba town hall iii (PU: 01/02/12/003)
Aba town hall – aba town hall iv (PU: 01/02/12/004)
Aba town hall – bark road play ground i (PU: 01/02/12/014)
Aba town hall – bark road play ground ii (PU: 01/02/12/015)
Aba town hall – constitution crescent prim.schl i (PU: 01/02/12/005)
Aba town hall – constitution crescent prim.schl ii (PU: 01/02/12/006)
Aba town hall – constitution crescent prim.schl iii (PU: 01/02/12/007)
Aba town hall – constitution crescent prim.schl iv (PU: 01/02/12/008)
Aba town hall – constitution crescent prim.schl v (PU: 01/02/12/009)
Aba town hall – hospital road prim.schl i (PU: 01/02/12/020)
Aba town hall – hospital road prim.schl ii (PU: 01/02/12/021)
Aba town hall – red cross premises i (PU: 01/02/12/016)
Aba town hall – red cross premises ii (PU: 01/02/12/017)
Aba town hall – red cross premises iii (PU: 01/02/12/018)
Aba town hall – red cross premises iv (PU: 01/02/12/019)

Ward: Asa

Polling Unit:

(20 Polling Booths )
Asa awka etiti hall i (PU: 01/02/02/012)
Asa awka etiti hall ii (PU: 01/02/02/013)
Asa awka etiti hall iii (PU: 01/02/02/014)
Asa railway halt primary school i (PU: 01/02/02/001)
Asa railway halt primary school ii (PU: 01/02/02/002)
Asa railway halt primary school iii (PU: 01/02/02/003)
Asa railway halt primary school iv (PU: 01/02/02/004)
Asa ukpor hall i (PU: 01/02/02/019)
Asa ukpor hall ii (PU: 01/02/02/020)
Asa-osumenyi hall i (PU: 01/02/02/005)
Asa-osumenyi hall ii (PU: 01/02/02/006)
Asa-osumenyi hall iii (PU: 01/02/02/007)
Asa-school road prim.sch i (PU: 01/02/02/008)
Asa-school road prim.sch ii (PU: 01/02/02/009)
Asa-school road prim.sch iii (PU: 01/02/02/010)
Asa-school road prim.sch iv (PU: 01/02/02/011)
Asa-township prim.sch. i (PU: 01/02/02/015)
Asa-township prim.sch. ii (PU: 01/02/02/016)
Asa-township prim.sch. iii (PU: 01/02/02/017)
Asa-township prim.sch. iv (PU: 01/02/02/018)

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Ward: Ekeoha

Polling Unit:

(26 Polling Booths )
Ekeoha-amichi hall i (PU: 01/02/08/020)
Ekeoha-amichi hall ii (PU: 01/02/08/021)
Ekeoha-amichi hall iii (PU: 01/02/08/022)
Ekeoha-amichi hall iv (PU: 01/02/08/023)
Ekeoha-asa road prim.school i (PU: 01/02/08/001)
Ekeoha-asa road prim.school ii (PU: 01/02/08/002)
Ekeoha-asa road prim.school iii (PU: 01/02/08/003)
Ekeoha-asa road prim.school iv (PU: 01/02/08/004)
Ekeoha-asa road prim.school v (PU: 01/02/08/005)
Ekeoha-asa triangle prim.school i (PU: 01/02/08/006)
Ekeoha-asa triangle prim.school ii (PU: 01/02/08/007)
Ekeoha-asa triangle prim.school iii (PU: 01/02/08/008)
Ekeoha-asa triangle prim.school iv (PU: 01/02/08/009)
Ekeoha-asa triangle prim.school v (PU: 01/02/08/010)
Ekeoha-ngwa road prim.schl i (PU: 01/02/08/011)
Ekeoha-ngwa road prim.schl ii (PU: 01/02/08/012)
Ekeoha-ngwa road prim.schl iii (PU: 01/02/08/013)
Ekeoha-ngwa road prim.schl iv (PU: 01/02/08/014)
Ekeoha-ngwa road prim.schl v (PU: 01/02/08/015)
Ekeoha-ngwa road prim.schl vi (PU: 01/02/08/016)
Ekeoha-old court prim.schl ii (PU: 01/02/08/025)
Ekeoha-old court prim.schl iii (PU: 01/02/08/026)
Ekeoha-old court prim.schl. i (PU: 01/02/08/024)
Ekeoha-st. joseph’s college iii (PU: 01/02/08/019)
Ekeoha-st.joseph’s college i (PU: 01/02/08/017)
Ekeoha-st.joseph’s college ii (PU: 01/02/08/018)

Ward: Enyimba

Polling Unit:

(28 Polling Booths )
Enyimba -umuoji hall i (PU: 01/02/03/027)
Enyimba -umuoji hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/028)
Enyimba -umuokpoji hall i (PU: 01/02/03/024)
Enyimba -umuokpoji hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/025)
Enyimba -umuokpoji hall iii (PU: 01/02/03/026)
Enyimba okija hall i (PU: 01/02/03/022)
Enyimba okija hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/023)
Enyimba-abaukwu village hall i (PU: 01/02/03/019)
Enyimba-abaukwu village hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/020)
Enyimba-abaukwu village hall iii (PU: 01/02/03/021)
Enyimba-ekwulumili hall i (PU: 01/02/03/013)
Enyimba-ekwulumili hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/014)
Enyimba-ekwulumili hall iii (PU: 01/02/03/015)
Enyimba-ekwulumili hall iv (PU: 01/02/03/016)
Enyimba-ekwulumili hall v (PU: 01/02/03/017)
Enyimba-ekwulumili hall vi (PU: 01/02/03/018)
Enyimba-isiekensi hall i (PU: 01/02/03/004)
Enyimba-isiekensi hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/005)
Enyimba-isiekensi hall iii (PU: 01/02/03/006)
Enyimba-isiekensi hall iv (PU: 01/02/03/007)
Enyimba-isiekensi hall v (PU: 01/02/03/008)
Enyimba-isiekensi hall vi (PU: 01/02/03/009)
Enyimba-national high school i (PU: 01/02/03/010)
Enyimba-national high school ii (PU: 01/02/03/011)
Enyimba-national high school iii (PU: 01/02/03/012)
Enyimba-obuda village hall i (PU: 01/02/03/001)
Enyimba-obuda village hall ii (PU: 01/02/03/002)
Enyimba-obuda village hall iii (PU: 01/02/03/003)

Ward: Eziukwu

Polling Unit:

(34 Polling Booths )
Eziukwu -eziukwu egbelu village hall i (PU: 01/02/01/022)
Eziukwu -eziukwu egbelu village hall ii (PU: 01/02/01/023)
Eziukwu -eziukwu egbelu village hall iii (PU: 01/02/01/024)
Eziukwu -eziukwu egbelu village hall iv (PU: 01/02/01/025)
Eziukwu ebenator hall i (57 omuma road) (PU: 01/02/01/020)
Eziukwu ebenator hall ii (PU: 01/02/01/021)
Eziukwu golden nursery school (omuma road) i (PU: 01/02/01/026)
Eziukwu golden nursery school (omuma road) ii (PU: 01/02/01/027)
Eziukwu golden nursery school (omuma road) iii (PU: 01/02/01/028)
Eziukwu local govt.pound office i (PU: 01/02/01/006)
Eziukwu local govt.pound office ii (PU: 01/02/01/007)
Eziukwu local govt.pound office iii (PU: 01/02/01/008)
Eziukwu okigwe road primary school i (PU: 01/02/01/001)
Eziukwu okigwe road primary school ii (PU: 01/02/01/002)
Eziukwu okigwe road primary school iii (PU: 01/02/01/003)
Eziukwu okigwe road primary school iv (PU: 01/02/01/004)
Eziukwu okigwe road primary school v (PU: 01/02/01/005)
Eziukwu primary school i (PU: 01/02/01/012)
Eziukwu primary school ii (PU: 01/02/01/013)
Eziukwu primary school iii (PU: 01/02/01/014)
Eziukwu primary school iv (PU: 01/02/01/015)
Eziukwu primary school v (PU: 01/02/01/016)
Eziukwu primary school vi (PU: 01/02/01/017)
Eziukwu primary school vii (PU: 01/02/01/018)
Eziukwu primary school viii (PU: 01/02/01/019)
Eziukwu village hall i (PU: 01/02/01/009)
Eziukwu village hall ii (PU: 01/02/01/010)
Eziukwu village hall iii (PU: 01/02/01/011)
Eziukwu-asa okpuaja hall i (PU: 01/02/01/032)
Eziukwu-asa okpuaja hall ii (PU: 01/02/01/033)
Eziukwu-asa okpuaja hall iii (PU: 01/02/01/034)
Eziukwu-mainland college i (PU: 01/02/01/029)
Eziukwu-mainland college ii (PU: 01/02/01/030)
Eziukwu-mainland college iii (PU: 01/02/01/031)

Ward: Gloucester

Polling Unit:

(26 Polling Booths )
Gloucester-amaokwe item hall i (PU: 01/02/09/001)
Gloucester-amaokwe item hall ii (PU: 01/02/09/002)
Gloucester-amaokwe item hall iii (PU: 01/02/09/003)
Gloucester-amaokwe item hall iv (PU: 01/02/09/004)
Gloucester-amaokwe item hall v (PU: 01/02/09/005)
Gloucester-amaokwe item hall vi (PU: 01/02/09/006)
Gloucester-green street prim.school i (PU: 01/02/09/025)
Gloucester-green street prim.school ii (PU: 01/02/09/026)
Gloucester-market road prim. school i (PU: 01/02/09/007)
Gloucester-market road prim. school ii (PU: 01/02/09/010)
Gloucester-market road prim. school iii (PU: 01/02/09/011)
Gloucester-market road prim. school iv (PU: 01/02/09/008)
Gloucester-market road prim. school ix (PU: 01/02/09/015)
Gloucester-market road prim. school v (PU: 01/02/09/009)
Gloucester-market road prim. school vi (PU: 01/02/09/012)
Gloucester-market road prim. school vii (PU: 01/02/09/013)
Gloucester-market road prim. school viii (PU: 01/02/09/014)
Gloucester-market road prim. school x (PU: 01/02/09/016)
Gloucester-market road prim. school xi (PU: 01/02/09/017)
Gloucester-old court prim. school vi (PU: 01/02/09/023)
Gloucester-old court prim. school i (PU: 01/02/09/018)
Gloucester-old court prim. school ii (PU: 01/02/09/019)
Gloucester-old court prim. school iii (PU: 01/02/09/020)
Gloucester-old court prim. school iv (PU: 01/02/09/021)
Gloucester-old court prim. school v (PU: 01/02/09/022)
Gloucester-old court prim. school vii (PU: 01/02/09/024)

Ward: Igwebuike

Polling Unit:

(19 Polling Booths )
Igwebuike-asaeme village hall i (PU: 01/02/07/010)
Igwebuike-asaeme village hall ii (PU: 01/02/07/011)
Igwebuike-asaeme village hall iii (PU: 01/02/07/012)
Igwebuike-nnentu village hall i (PU: 01/02/07/015)
Igwebuike-nnentu village hall ii (PU: 01/02/07/016)
Igwebuike-nnentu village hall iii (PU: 01/02/07/017)
Igwebuike-nnentu village hall iv (PU: 01/02/07/018)
Igwebuike-nnentu village hall v (PU: 01/02/07/019)
Igwebuike-ohabiam sec. school i (PU: 01/02/07/005)
Igwebuike-ohabiam sec. school ii (PU: 01/02/07/006)
Igwebuike-ohabiam sec. school iii (PU: 01/02/07/007)
Igwebuike-ohabiam sec. school iv (PU: 01/02/07/008)
Igwebuike-ohabiam sec. school v (PU: 01/02/07/009)
Igwebuike-umuagba i sec.school ii (PU: 01/02/07/002)
Igwebuike-umuagba i sharp brain academy i (PU: 01/02/07/003)
Igwebuike-umuagba i sharp brain academy ii (PU: 01/02/07/004)
Igwebuike-umuagba i sec.school i (PU: 01/02/07/001)
Igwebuike-umuagbai west prim. school i (PU: 01/02/07/013)
Igwebuike-umuagbai west prim. school ii (PU: 01/02/07/014)

Ward: Mosque

Polling Unit:

(22 Polling Booths )
Mosque -mosque.school i (PU: 01/02/10/008)
Mosque -mosque.school ii (PU: 01/02/10/009)
Mosque -mosque.school iii (PU: 01/02/10/010)
Mosque -mosque.school iv (PU: 01/02/10/011)
Mosque -school of health i (PU: 01/02/10/001)
Mosque -school of health ii (PU: 01/02/10/002)
Mosque -school of health iii (PU: 01/02/10/003)
Mosque -school of health iv (PU: 01/02/10/004)
Mosque -school of health v (PU: 01/02/10/005)
Mosque -school of health vi (PU: 01/02/10/006)
Mosque -school of health vii (PU: 01/02/10/007)
Mosque ehi road prim. schl vii (PU: 01/02/10/018)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl i (PU: 01/02/10/012)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl ii (PU: 01/02/10/013)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl iii (PU: 01/02/10/014)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl iv (PU: 01/02/10/015)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl v (PU: 01/02/10/016)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl vi (PU: 01/02/10/017)
Mosque ehi road prim.schl viii (PU: 01/02/10/019)
Mosque nnewi youth hall i (PU: 01/02/10/020)
Mosque nnewi youth hall ii (PU: 01/02/10/021)
Mosque nnewi youth hall iii (PU: 01/02/10/022)

Ward: Ngwa

Polling Unit:

(36 Polling Booths )
Ngwa-agulu peoples hall i (PU: 01/02/04/013)
Ngwa-agulu peoples hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/014)
Ngwa-agulu peoples hall iii (PU: 01/02/04/015)
Ngwa-agulu peoples hall iv (PU: 01/02/04/016)
Ngwa-akabo hall i (PU: 01/02/04/004)
Ngwa-akabo hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/005)
Ngwa-akabo hall iii (PU: 01/02/04/006)
Ngwa-amaufuru village hall i (PU: 01/02/04/024)
Ngwa-amaufuru village hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/025)
Ngwa-amaufuru village hall iii (PU: 01/02/04/026)
Ngwa-ehime hall i (PU: 01/02/04/001)
Ngwa-ehime hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/002)
Ngwa-friends vacational coll i (PU: 01/02/04/017)
Ngwa-friends vacational coll ii (PU: 01/02/04/018)
Ngwa-holy cross college (PU: 01/02/04/035)
Ngwa-ihioma hall i (PU: 01/02/04/022)
Ngwa-ihioma hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/023)
Ngwa-ndoki road prim.school i (PU: 01/02/04/010)
Ngwa-ndoki road prim.school ii (PU: 01/02/04/011)
Ngwa-ndoki road prim.school iii (PU: 01/02/04/012)
Ngwa-nkwerre hall i (PU: 01/02/04/007)
Ngwa-nkwerre hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/008)
Ngwa-nkwerre hall iii (PU: 01/02/04/009)
Ngwa-okagwetiem hall i (PU: 01/02/04/019)
Ngwa-okagwetiem hall ii (PU: 01/02/04/020)
Ngwa-okagwetiem hall iii (PU: 01/02/04/021)
Ngwa-uga hall (PU: 01/02/04/003)
Ngwa-ugo commercial college i (PU: 01/02/04/027)
Ngwa-ugo commercial college ii (PU: 01/02/04/028)
Ngwa-ugo commercial college iii (PU: 01/02/04/029)
Ngwa-umuagbai east primary school i (PU: 01/02/04/031)
Ngwa-umuagbai east primary school ii (PU: 01/02/04/032)
Ngwa-umuagbai east primary school iii (PU: 01/02/04/033)
Ngwa-umuagbai east primary school iv (PU: 01/02/04/034)
Ngwa-umuagbai west prim.school (PU: 01/02/04/036)
Ngwa-umunneise village hall (PU: 01/02/04/030)

Ward: Ohazu i

Polling Unit:

(30 Polling Booths )
Ohazu i akoli hall i (PU: 01/02/05/001)
Ohazu i akoli hall ii (PU: 01/02/05/002)
Ohazu i akoli hall iii (PU: 01/02/05/003)
Ohazu i akoli hall iv (PU: 01/02/05/004)
Ohazu i akoli hall v (PU: 01/02/05/005)
Ohazu i akoli prim.school i (PU: 01/02/05/006)
Ohazu i akoli prim.school ii (PU: 01/02/05/007)
Ohazu i akoli prim.school iii (PU: 01/02/05/008)
Ohazu i akoli prim.school iv (PU: 01/02/05/009)
Ohazu i ndoki road prim. school i (PU: 01/02/05/029)
Ohazu i ndoki road prim. school ii (PU: 01/02/05/030)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school i (PU: 01/02/05/017)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school ii (PU: 01/02/05/018)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school iii (PU: 01/02/05/019)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school iv (PU: 01/02/05/020)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school v (PU: 01/02/05/021)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school vi (PU: 01/02/05/022)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school vii (PU: 01/02/05/023)
Ohazu i-agulana road prim.school viii (PU: 01/02/05/024)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school ix (PU: 01/02/05/014)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school v (PU: 01/02/05/010)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school vi (PU: 01/02/05/011)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school vii (PU: 01/02/05/012)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school viii (PU: 01/02/05/013)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school x (PU: 01/02/05/015)
Ohazu i-akoli prim.school xi (PU: 01/02/05/016)
Ohazu i-awkuzu hall (105 ngwa road) i (PU: 01/02/05/025)
Ohazu i-awkuzu hall (105 ngwa road) ii (PU: 01/02/05/026)
Ohazu i-nnofia hall i (PU: 01/02/05/027)
Ohazu i-nnofia hall ii (PU: 01/02/05/028)

Ward: Ohazu ii
Polling Unit:

15 Polling Booths )
Ohazu ii-ihieorji secondary school i (PU: 01/02/06/010)
Ohazu ii-ihieorji secondary school ii (PU: 01/02/06/011)
Ohazu ii-ihieorji secondary school iii (PU: 01/02/06/012)
Ohazu ii-ihieorji secondary school iv (PU: 01/02/06/013)
Ohazu ii-ihieorji secondary school v (PU: 01/02/06/014)
Ohazu ii-ihieorji village school (PU: 01/02/06/015)
Ohazu ii-ndiegoro village hall i (PU: 01/02/06/001)
Ohazu ii-ndiegoro village hall ii (PU: 01/02/06/002)
Ohazu ii-ndiegoro village hall iii (PU: 01/02/06/003)
Ohazu ii-ndiegoro village hall iv (PU: 01/02/06/004)
Ohazu ii-ndiegoro village hall v (PU: 01/02/06/005)
Ohazu ii-umuogele pri.sch. i (PU: 01/02/06/006)
Ohazu ii-umuogele pri.sch. ii (PU: 01/02/06/007)
Ohazu ii-umuogele pri.sch. iii (PU: 01/02/06/008)
Ohazu ii-umuogele village (PU: 01/02/06/009)


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