Abi L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Adadama Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Adadama play ground (PU: 09/01/01/001)
Ekpon market square (PU: 09/01/01/003)
Ekpon town hall (PU: 09/01/01/008)
Eminkwor play ground (PU: 09/01/01/007)
Ibalebo play ground (PU: 09/01/01/005)
Imina play ground (PU: 09/01/01/004)
Isong inyang play ground (PU: 09/01/01/006)
Ivone play ground (PU: 09/01/01/002)

Afafanyi/igonigoni Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Abe enyi uso play ground (PU: 09/01/02/007)
Abe okum play ground (PU: 09/01/02/006)
Abe uyo play ground (PU: 09/01/02/005)
Afafanyi primary school (PU: 09/01/02/001)
Akpoza play ground (PU: 09/01/02/002)
Bazohure playground (PU: 09/01/02/004)
Ezomezom play ground (PU: 09/01/02/003)
Health centre, igonigoni (PU: 09/01/02/008)

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Ebom Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Abe awari (PU: 09/01/03/008)
Abegor town hall (PU: 09/01/03/003)
Anoikpata playground (PU: 09/01/03/004)
Banobon town hall (PU: 09/01/03/007)
Baromi town hall (PU: 09/01/03/010)
Bawetiti play ground (PU: 09/01/03/002)
Ebom new site (PU: 09/01/03/011)
Egbezum play ground (PU: 09/01/03/009)
Funavai play ground (PU: 09/01/03/001)
Health centre (PU: 09/01/03/006)
Rehumomet play ground (PU: 09/01/03/005)

Ediba Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Abena play ground (PU: 09/01/04/015)
Akpan town hall (PU: 09/01/04/014)
Eninom play ground (PU: 09/01/04/010)
Eninom town hall (PU: 09/01/04/011)
Enobom play ground (PU: 09/01/04/003)
Enugwehuma play ground (PU: 09/01/04/007)
Enugwehuma playground (PU: 09/01/04/004)
Ezono play ground (PU: 09/01/04/013)
In front of chief uyo’s compound (PU: 09/01/04/009)
In front of elder ukpabi (PU: 09/01/04/005)
Infront of mrs. bassey out’s comp (PU: 09/01/04/001)
Obot uyo town hall (PU: 09/01/04/008)
Ubi uka’s compound (PU: 09/01/04/002)
Upo’s compound near waterside (PU: 09/01/04/012)
Usa play ground enusokwe (PU: 09/01/04/006)

Ekureku i Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Akarefor play ground (PU: 09/01/05/009)
Akpanku play ground (PU: 09/01/05/007)
Akpohe play ground (PU: 09/01/05/005)
Anong letafor play ground (PU: 09/01/05/003)
Anong town hall (PU: 09/01/05/010)
Ekureku market square (PU: 09/01/05/008)
Ezeke play ground (PU: 09/01/05/006)
Likpo town hall (PU: 09/01/05/002)
Likpo waterside town hall (PU: 09/01/05/011)
Primary school ekureku (PU: 09/01/05/004)
St. vincent primary school anong (PU: 09/01/05/001)

Ekureku ii Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Agbara play ground (PU: 09/01/06/007)
Government primary school, egboronyi (PU: 09/01/06/004)
Ngarabe play ground (PU: 09/01/06/001)
Ngarabe townhall (PU: 09/01/06/006)
Pcn eminekpon (PU: 09/01/06/005)
Primary school itiegeve (PU: 09/01/06/003)
Primary school, agbara (PU: 09/01/06/002)

Imabana i Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Akpanku play ground (PU: 09/01/07/005)
Ba azogor play ground (PU: 09/01/07/008)
Ba emenyi play ground (PU: 09/01/07/009)
Health centre, amotomozi (PU: 09/01/07/004)
Igbor play ground (PU: 09/01/07/011)
In front of edoghi itobo’s house echekwu (PU: 09/01/07/007)
Near agbor, agbor’s compound kekoi (PU: 09/01/07/006)
Opposite market square (PU: 09/01/07/002)
Postal agency (PU: 09/01/07/001)
Primary school i imabana (PU: 09/01/07/003)
Secondary school, ezomezom (PU: 09/01/07/010)

Imabana ii Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Ba amo play ground (PU: 09/01/08/001)
Ba egbeng town hall (PU: 09/01/08/003)
Ba ikake paly ground (PU: 09/01/08/002)
Ebor play ground (PU: 09/01/08/008)
Ikpalegwa play ground (PU: 09/01/08/005)
Ikpalegwa primary school (PU: 09/01/08/006)
Lehangha primary school (PU: 09/01/08/004)
Lehangha primary school (PU: 09/01/08/007)

Itigidi Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Agba motor park (PU: 09/01/09/007)
Agba play ground (PU: 09/01/09/008)
Community primary school (PU: 09/01/09/002)
Ikamine play ground (PU: 09/01/09/005)
In front of elder asibong compound (PU: 09/01/09/010)
Lekpachiel play ground (PU: 09/01/09/003)
Levachie town hall (PU: 09/01/09/001)
Opposite t n/09 (PU: 09/01/09/004)
Primary school, eminebol (PU: 09/01/09/009)
Tn/11/n/s (PU: 09/01/09/006)

Usumutong Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Abe ominmini play ground (PU: 09/01/10/004)
Abe ugo play ground (PU: 09/01/10/001)
Ebokwo play ground (PU: 09/01/10/002)
Egbezu play ground (PU: 09/01/10/003)
Ekpokan play ground (PU: 09/01/10/010)
Enoidom play ground (PU: 09/01/10/009)
Enoikporotum play ground (PU: 09/01/10/008)
Enoishori play ground (PU: 09/01/10/006)
Enoishori town hall (PU: 09/01/10/005)
Enokpore play ground (PU: 09/01/10/007)
Primary school usumutong (PU: 09/01/10/011)

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