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About Discrete Technology Nigeria


DISCRETE TECH LTD is an indigenous innovation administrations and contracting firm with immense experience and mastery in Lightning/Electrical Power Protection, general earthing framework “establishing” and Power Back-up Solutions.

Consolidated in September sixth 2006 with universal affiliations in Europe and Asia Countries. DISCRETE TECH LTD is today an expert in Lightning/Electrical Power Protection.

We complete trustworthiness mind establishment to give our clients prior consolation on the usefulness of their establishments. We have processing plant prepared specialists, to convey our electrical review of the premises to refresh and exhortation on the most fitting frameworks/Configurations that will guarantee our customer stay away from expensive downtime and have values for cash.

They also provide sales, installation, repair and maintenance of the following products:

  • right-black-arrow Lightning/Surge Protection System
  • right-black-arrow Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • right-black-arrow Uninterruptible Power Supply System
  • UPS
  • Inverter
  • Batteries
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