About Fence Technology Nigeria

  1. Security is a key issue for many personal, industrial and commercial premises today; perimeter fencing is used very effectively to help with home security, hotels security, warehouse security, factories, schools and car park security.

    If you worry about the welfare and safety of your family, home and property, why not let us install Our Highly Security Guaranteed Electric Perimeter Fencing Security System using the latest home & properties Monitoring and Alert technology.

    The obvious physical presence of the electric fence and bright yellow warning signs are visually off-putting to any potential intruder and present a potent front-line deterrent.

    Electric-Fence controllers have an impeccable safety record. The high voltage pulse is less than one thousandth of a second in duration.
    Key System Features:

    • Visual & physical intruder deterrent
    • Shock, voltage & short circuit monitoring
    • Cut & climb monitoring
    • Controller continuous monitoring
    • Interfaces with standard security equipment
    • High Db Alarm Buzzing

    Benefit of Electric Perimeter Fencing Security System: 

    1. Last Effective Security- security fencing should last up to 30 years depending on the type of fencing and the environment in which it is installed. While there is a reasonable initial investment, you can save the cost of other security measures for years to come.

    2. Reliability – Unlike other security devices which can be easily bypassed by an experienced criminal, Electric Perimeter security fencing is almost impossible to bypass undetected. Because it is at the boundary it will also provide protection for product and assets such a vehicles that are being stored in yard area.

    3. Deterrent – Fencing provides a very visual, physical deterrent for offenders. It also keeps opportunists offenders away from your property and will help to reduce petty crime like vandalism and tagging. Because any Robber try to bypassed Electric Perimeter Fence is like committing suicide.

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