About Lagos Carnival

The Lagos carnival is the most prominent in West Africa. The carnival also known as the Fanti or Caretta Carnival of Lagos, is usually held during the Lagos Black Heritage Festival, a colorful folk festival which holds annually in Lagos.

This is an annual opportunity for Lagosians to celebrate with each other and enjoy the colours, dancing and flamboyant artistry of Carnival day.

The origin of the carnival dates back to the Lagos colonial period when former slaves of African origin returned from Brazil in the 19th century and introduced a carnival infused with religious influences into the Lagos Island cultural scene. This cultural carnival was later raised into a state level function and was revamped in 2010 as part of the Black Heritage Festival. The event is usually centered on Lagos Island, filled with troop displays of beautiful costumes and various forms of entertainment including music and dancing. The carnival portrays an eclectic mixture of Nigerian, Brazilian and Cuban heritage of the city.

Preparations involve the employment of thousands of artisans who are gainfully engaged for about six months prior to each carnival. These artisans produce all the thousands of beautifully designed consumes as well as the decorated floats locally.

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