About Nigerian Air Force Marshal

Air Marshal (Air Mshl or AM) is a three-star[1] air-officer rank which started in and keeps on being utilized by the Royal Air Force.[2] The rank is additionally utilized by the flying corps of numerous nations which have authentic British impact, including the Commonwealth, and it is now and then utilized as the English interpretation of a comparable rank in nations which have a non-English aviation based armed forces particular rank structure.

Air marshal is a three-star rank and has a NATO positioning code OF-8, comparable to a bad habit chief of naval operations in the Royal Navy or a lieutenant-general in the British Army or the Royal Marines. In other NATO powers, for example, the United States Armed Forces and the Canadian Armed Forces, the identical three-star rank is lieutenant general.

The rank of air marshal is instantly higher ranking than the rank of air bad habit marshal and quickly subordinate to the rank of air boss marshal.

Officers in the rank of air marshal ordinarily hold exceptionally senior arrangements, for example, president of a flying corps or an extensive aviation based armed forces development. Officers in the positions of air boss marshal and air bad habit marshal are additionally alluded to nonexclusively as air marshals.[3] Occasionally, aviation based armed forces officers of marshal rank are thought to be air marshals.

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