About Space Technology In Nigeria

The Federal Government on in Abuja said it would extend endeavors at using space innovation to make goliath walk to upgrade assets for financial improvement in the nation.

The Director-General, National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Prof. Seidu Mohammed, said this in his opening discourse at the Center for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD) Week.

CSTD is an inside under NASRDA with obligation to make mindfulness and instruct open and different parts on how Satellite building will profit and lift fast change in different segments.

The CSTD Week is one of the vehicles to pilot mindfulness crusade program for powerful outcome.

The topic for CSTD Conference 2017 is “Incorporation of Space Technology in Nigeria: Spectrum of Opportunity. ”

As indicated by Mohammed, government will saddle space advances to unravel national needs in consonance with the worldwide practical improvement motivation through maintainable space use and safe space tasks.

He said 15 Engineers and Scientists from Nigeria, Japan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Ghana and Thailand were chosen through a sharp aggressive worldwide process and method to go to multinational satellite task called “Fledgling PROJECT” in 2015 in Japan.

“The multinational satellite venture known as the “Winged creature PROJECT” was presented by Japanese government and executed through Kyushu Institute of Technology in Japan for creating nations.

“It is with the objective of upgrading limit building and human asset improvement in Space Science and Technology,” he said.

The chief general said the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) had completely taken an interest in the plan and fabricate of five Nano satellite of “Winged creature PROJECT”.

He said the satellite with mass and size 1.13kg and 100mm x100mm x111.5mm was each propelled to flow circle at an elevation of 460km and slant of 51.6 degrees.

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