Abua/Odual L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(13 Wards )

Abua iv

(7 Polling Booths )
Agana family hall, ekool egana (PU: 32/01/04/007)
Amalem town hall (PU: 32/01/04/001)
Ayama, court hall (PU: 32/01/04/004)
G.s.s abua hall (PU: 32/01/04/005)
Omaraka town hall (PU: 32/01/04/003)
Onyegula family hall (PU: 32/01/04/006)
U.p.e. hall, amalem (PU: 32/01/04/002)

Abua i

(29 Polling Booths )
Emilaghan i town hall (PU: 32/01/01/021)
Emilaghan ii town hall (PU: 32/01/01/022)
Emilaghan iii town hall (PU: 32/01/01/023)
Emilaghan iv town hall (PU: 32/01/01/024)
Emilaghan v ekool omabi (PU: 32/01/01/029)
Emoom-ema town hall i (PU: 32/01/01/014)
Emoom-ema town hall ii (PU: 32/01/01/015)
Ephelepheel town hall (PU: 32/01/01/011)
Iguta adauyo town hall i (PU: 32/01/01/005)
Iguta adauyo town hall ii (PU: 32/01/01/006)
Iguta town hall (PU: 32/01/01/020)
Isama town hall (PU: 32/01/01/019)
Kalibiama, town hall (PU: 32/01/01/013)
Ogbema i, town hall (PU: 32/01/01/001)
Ogbema ii, c.p.s hall (PU: 32/01/01/002)
Ogbema iii, c.p.s hall (PU: 32/01/01/003)
Ogbema iv, town hall (PU: 32/01/01/004)
Okipikiri town hall ii (PU: 32/01/01/018)
Okpikiri town hall i (PU: 32/01/01/017)
Okunny-adibuo, town hall i (PU: 32/01/01/007)
Okunny-adibuo, town hall ii (PU: 32/01/01/008)
Okunny-adibuo, town hall iii (PU: 32/01/01/009)
Oma-obugham town hall (PU: 32/01/01/012)
Omelema i town square (PU: 32/01/01/025)
Omelema ii town square (PU: 32/01/01/026)
Omelema iii school hall (PU: 32/01/01/027)
Omelema iv school hall (PU: 32/01/01/028)
School hall,ooke (PU: 32/01/01/016)
State school hall, oto-otoh (PU: 32/01/01/010)

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Abua ii

(10 Polling Booths )
Arukwo i town hall (PU: 32/01/02/009)
Arukwo ii, dispensary hall arukwo (PU: 32/01/02/010)
Efibiri town hall i (PU: 32/01/02/001)
Efibiri town hall ii (PU: 32/01/02/002)
Oghora town hall (PU: 32/01/02/007)
Okana town hall i (PU: 32/01/02/005)
Okana town hall ii (PU: 32/01/02/006)
Okana town hall, omimegbo i (PU: 32/01/02/003)
Okana town hall, ominigbo ii (PU: 32/01/02/004)
Oto-obinoma, play ground (PU: 32/01/02/008)

Abua iii

(15 Polling Booths )
Baptist church/otari town hall (PU: 32/01/03/013)
C.p.s. hall (PU: 32/01/03/001)
C.p.s. hall otari iii (PU: 32/01/03/015)
C.p.s. hall, odaga (PU: 32/01/03/003)
Emomema town hall (PU: 32/01/03/005)
Family square (PU: 32/01/03/011)
Idoni/idora-awari town hall (PU: 32/01/03/008)
Idora-awari town hall (PU: 32/01/03/007)
Omokwa town hall (PU: 32/01/03/006)
Osuani hall (PU: 32/01/03/009)
Otari town hall (PU: 32/01/03/010)
Otari town hall (PU: 32/01/03/012)
Town hall aka-omokwa (PU: 32/01/03/004)
Town hall odaga (PU: 32/01/03/002)
Walaku town hall (PU: 32/01/03/014)


(13 Polling Booths )
Adada town hall, agada viii (PU: 32/01/09/013)
State school hall, agada vii (PU: 32/01/09/008)
State school hall, agada i (PU: 32/01/09/001)
State school hall, agada iii (PU: 32/01/09/003)
State school hall, agada iv (PU: 32/01/09/004)
State school hall, agada vi (PU: 32/01/09/007)
State school hall, agada ii (PU: 32/01/09/002)
State school hall, ogboloma iv (PU: 32/01/09/012)
State school hall, ogboloma iii (PU: 32/01/09/011)
Town hall, agada vi (PU: 32/01/09/006)
Town hall, agada i (PU: 32/01/09/005)
Town hall, ogboloma i (PU: 32/01/09/009)
Town hall, ogboloma ii (PU: 32/01/09/010)


(13 Polling Booths )
State school hall, akani i (PU: 32/01/12/008)
State school hall, akani i (PU: 32/01/12/011)
State school hall, akani ii (PU: 32/01/12/009)
State school hall, akani ii (PU: 32/01/12/012)
State school hall, amuruto i (PU: 32/01/12/004)
State school hall, amuruto ii (PU: 32/01/12/005)
State school hall, amuruto iii (PU: 32/01/12/006)
Town hall, akani i (PU: 32/01/12/010)
Town hall, akani ii (PU: 32/01/12/007)
Town hall, akani ii (PU: 32/01/12/013)
Town hall, amuruto i (PU: 32/01/12/001)
Town hall, amuruto ii (PU: 32/01/12/002)
Town hall, amuruto iii (PU: 32/01/12/003)


(20 Polling Booths )
Anyu town hall (PU: 32/01/13/005)
Anyu town hall (PU: 32/01/13/006)
Ekunuga town hall (PU: 32/01/13/011)
Emirikpoko town hall (PU: 32/01/13/014)
Emirikpoko town hall (PU: 32/01/13/015)
Odau town hall (PU: 32/01/13/016)
Odau town hall (PU: 32/01/13/019)
Olodi square, odau (PU: 32/01/13/020)
State school hall, anyu (PU: 32/01/13/003)
State school hall, anyu (PU: 32/01/13/004)
State school hall, anyu (PU: 32/01/13/007)
State school hall, anyu (PU: 32/01/13/008)
State school hall, ekunuga (PU: 32/01/13/009)
State school hall, ekunuga (PU: 32/01/13/010)
State school hall, emirikpoko (PU: 32/01/13/012)
State school hall, emirikpoko (PU: 32/01/13/013)
State school hall, obedum (PU: 32/01/13/002)
State school hall, odau (PU: 32/01/13/017)
State school hall, odau (PU: 32/01/13/018)
Town hall, obedum (PU: 32/01/13/001)


(11 Polling Booths )
Ebililagh town hall (PU: 32/01/11/010)
State school hall, emago ii (PU: 32/01/11/005)
State school hall, emago ii (PU: 32/01/11/009)
State school hall, emago iii (PU: 32/01/11/003)
State school hall, emago iii (PU: 32/01/11/006)
State school hall, emago iii (PU: 32/01/11/007)
State school hall/emago ii (PU: 32/01/11/011)
Town hall, abere square (PU: 32/01/11/002)
Town hall, anyu obosi (PU: 32/01/11/001)
Town hall, ekughuma (PU: 32/01/11/008)
Town hall, emago i (PU: 32/01/11/004)


(16 Polling Booths )
Obhinyamaan town hall (PU: 32/01/10/003)
Obot camp town hall (PU: 32/01/10/002)
Onuoghagha town hall (PU: 32/01/10/004)
Primary school compound (PU: 32/01/10/013)
School hall, obhiny-kpaghaagh (PU: 32/01/10/011)
State school hall, emelego ii (PU: 32/01/10/006)
State school hall, emelego ii (PU: 32/01/10/010)
State school hall, okolomade ii (PU: 32/01/10/015)
Town hall, emelego i (PU: 32/01/10/007)
Town hall, emelego i (PU: 32/01/10/008)
Town hall, emelego i (PU: 32/01/10/009)
Town hall, obhu-okun (PU: 32/01/10/012)
Town hall, ogbema (PU: 32/01/10/014)
U. p. e. school hall (PU: 32/01/10/016)
U.p.e school hall, emelego iii (PU: 32/01/10/001)
U.p.e. school hall, emelego iii (PU: 32/01/10/005)

Emughan i

(7 Polling Booths )
Emabu town hall (PU: 32/01/05/005)
Emesu town hall (PU: 32/01/05/007)
Essony family hall (PU: 32/01/05/006)
Obarany town hall (PU: 32/01/05/003)
Okoboh town hall (PU: 32/01/05/001)
State school hall, obarany (PU: 32/01/05/004)
State school okoboh, state school hall (PU: 32/01/05/002)

Emughan ii

(11 Polling Booths )
Aminigboko ii, town hall (PU: 32/01/06/003)
Aminigboko ukwo hall (PU: 32/01/06/001)
C.p.s. hall, aminigboko i (PU: 32/01/06/002)
C.p.s. hall, aminiowere i (PU: 32/01/06/010)
C.p.s. hall, owerewere ii (PU: 32/01/06/007)
C.p.s. hall, owerewere iii (PU: 32/01/06/008)
Egunughan town hall (PU: 32/01/06/004)
Egunughan town hall (PU: 32/01/06/005)
Health center, aminiowere ii (PU: 32/01/06/011)
Owerewere town hall iv (PU: 32/01/06/009)
Owerewere town hall (PU: 32/01/06/006)


(19 Polling Booths )
Agada i, town hall (PU: 32/01/08/015)
Egbolom school hall (PU: 32/01/08/011)
Egbolom town hall (PU: 32/01/08/009)
Egbolom town hall (PU: 32/01/08/010)
Egbolom town hall (PU: 32/01/08/019)
Elok school hall, compound (PU: 32/01/08/002)
Elok school hall, compound (PU: 32/01/08/003)
Elok town hall (PU: 32/01/08/001)
Emoh town hall (PU: 32/01/08/012)
Emoh town hall (PU: 32/01/08/013)
Emoh town hall (PU: 32/01/08/014)
Iighom school hall (PU: 32/01/08/017)
Iighom health center (PU: 32/01/08/018)
Iighom town hall (PU: 32/01/08/016)
Iyak town hall (PU: 32/01/08/004)
Ogbemakoku town hall (PU: 32/01/08/005)
Ogonokom school hall ii (PU: 32/01/08/007)
Ogonokom town hall i (PU: 32/01/08/006)
Ogonokom town hall, ogonokom iii (PU: 32/01/08/008)


(10 Polling Booths )
Agada i, school hall (PU: 32/01/07/003)
Agada i, town hall (PU: 32/01/07/001)
Agada ii, school hall (PU: 32/01/07/004)
Agada ii, town hall (PU: 32/01/07/002)
Dighiriga town hall i (PU: 32/01/07/005)
Dighiriga town hall ii (PU: 32/01/07/006)
Emelesue town hall (PU: 32/01/07/007)
Obiani port, emelesue (PU: 32/01/07/010)
Ogbokuma town hall (PU: 32/01/07/009)
Serebia town hall (PU: 32/01/07/008)

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