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Adamawa State Present And Past Governors


Adamawa State Present And Past Governors

Name Title Took Office Left Office Party
Abubakar Saleh Michika Governor 02-Jan-92 17-Nov-93 NRC
Gregory Agboneni Administrator 09-Dec-93 14-Sep-94 (Military)
Com. Yohanna Madaki Administrator 14-Sep-94 22-Aug-96 (Military)
Joe Kalu-Igboama Administrator 22-Aug-96 01-Aug-98 (Military)
Ahmadu G. Hussaini Administrator 01-Aug-98 01-May-99 (Military)
Boni Haruna Governor 29-May-99 29-May-07 PDP
Murtala Nyako Governor 29-May-07 26-Feb-08 PDP
James Shaibu Barka Governor (acting) 26-Feb-08 29-Apr-08
Murtala Nyako Governor 29-Apr-08 15-Jul-14 PDP/APC
Alhaji Ahmadu Umaru Fintirin Governor (acting) 15-Jul-14 01-Oct-14 PDP
Bala James Ngilari Governor 01-Oct-14 May-15 PDP
Bindo Jibrilla Governor 29-May-15 29-May-19 APC
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