Airtel Free Browsing

How to browse free on facebook using  Airtel 

Simply launch your facebook Application as you normally do, even with your data expired, leave your data on and you will see at the top of your facebook app “you are in data mode”, at the top right corner, you’ll still see “go to free”, click it and continue your facebook experience.

Using Amaze VPN

 Steps to set amaze VPN are listed below:

First, download Amaze vpn from the link below
✔️ Install and open the app
✔ Turn on your data
✔ Choose “Netherland” or any other working region
✔ Now press “connect”
It’s as simple as that.
Now how to use it on any other VPN app? Well, follow below instructions.
✔️ Open the vpn app
✔ Choose any working region
✔ Press connect.




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