Aiyedaade L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Anlugbua Ward

(21 Polling Booths )
Abimbola village, abimbola village (PU: 29/03/10/016)
Alagbede, alagbede village (PU: 29/03/10/018)
Alaguntan, alaguntan village (PU: 29/03/10/020)
Bapt. pry. school, apena area, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/011)
Baptist pry. school, apena area, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/010)
Barawo, barawo village (PU: 29/03/10/021)
Community pry. school alabameta (PU: 29/03/10/019)
Court hall, oju oja, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/009)
Court hall, ojuoja, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/008)
Farm settlement, farm settlement, orileowu (PU: 29/03/10/003)
Gbogbo village, gbogbo village, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/001)
Gbona, gbonna village (PU: 29/03/10/015)
Motaka ojetunde, motaka ojetunde village (PU: 29/03/10/017)
Motako 1, motako village (PU: 29/03/10/012)
Motako ii, motako village (PU: 29/03/10/013)
Oluwo compd. oluwo compd, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/002)
Ope ayoola, ope ayoola village (PU: 29/03/10/014)
Sabo i, sabo area (PU: 29/03/10/004)
Sabo ii, sabo area (PU: 29/03/10/005)
St. peter’s school, oke ola orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/007)
St. peter’s school, oke ola, orile owu (PU: 29/03/10/006)

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Araromi-owu Ward

(7 Polling Booths )
Ajegunle, ajegunle village (PU: 29/03/11/007)
Araromi owu i town, araromi owu town1 (PU: 29/03/11/001)
Araromi owu ii town, araromi owu town (PU: 29/03/11/002)
Araromi owu market, araromi owu town (PU: 29/03/11/003)
Idi iroko, idi iroko village (PU: 29/03/11/005)
Mokore, mokore village (PU: 29/03/11/006)
Sangodiran, sangodiran village (PU: 29/03/11/004)

Balogun Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Community hall, oke oje area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/01/006)
Ile asoro, opp. customary court, gbongan (PU: 29/03/01/001)
Moluberin junction, new road area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/01/005)
Olufi memorial pry. schol, opp. s.s.s. office, gbongan (PU: 29/03/01/002)
St. patrick’s gramm. school, i adenuga area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/01/003)
St. patrick’s grammar school, ii adenuga area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/01/004)

Gbongan rural Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Akinjepe village, akinjepe village (PU: 29/03/07/015)
Akiriboto iii, st. david’s akiriboto iii (PU: 29/03/07/010)
Akiriboto alabe, akiriboto village (PU: 29/03/07/011)
Akiriboto i. st. peter’s, akiriboto i (PU: 29/03/07/008)
Akiriboto ii, st. david’s, akiriboto ii (PU: 29/03/07/009)
Alagbede village, alagbede village (PU: 29/03/07/013)
Bembe village, bembe village (PU: 29/03/07/014)
D.c. akowide akowide village (PU: 29/03/07/001)
Elekiri balogun omole, elekiri balogun (PU: 29/03/07/016)
Lagbaka, lagbaka village (PU: 29/03/07/006)
Mojapa, mojapa village (PU: 29/03/07/007)
Ogbaagba ogbaagba village (PU: 29/03/07/002)
Oloba village, oloba village (PU: 29/03/07/005)
Oluwada, oluwada village (PU: 29/03/07/012)
Onimu village, onimu village (PU: 29/03/07/017)
Wakajaiye i, wakajaiye village (PU: 29/03/07/003)
Wakajaiye ii, wakajaiye village (PU: 29/03/07/004)

Ijegbe/oke-eso/oke-owu ijugbe Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. oke ode area oke ode area ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/007)
Bara oluoja, oluoja comp. ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/017)
Court hall i, behind arab bank, ode-omu (PU: 29/03/05/001)
Court hall ii, behind arab bank ode-omu (PU: 29/03/05/002)
D.c. school, oke eso, oke eso area odeomu (PU: 29/03/05/004)
D.c. school, oke eso, oke eso, area ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/003)
Igbira isale area, igbira village ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/005)
Igbira oke area, igbira village odeomu (PU: 29/03/05/016)
Ketu area, ketu area ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/013)
Oke-owu hall i, oke owu area odeomu (PU: 29/03/05/008)
Oke-owu hall ii, oke-owu area odeomu (PU: 29/03/05/009)
Oke-owu hall iii, oke-owu area, ode-omu (PU: 29/03/05/010)
Oluseyi hall, fajob’s comp. ode-omu (PU: 29/03/05/014)
Olusunde area, olusunde comp. odeomu (PU: 29/03/05/012)
Orona area, orona comp. ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/015)
Oso are area, ile oso are, ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/011)
St. david’s grammar school, iwo road, ode omu (PU: 29/03/05/006)

Lagere/amola Ward

(16 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. pry. school, lagere area, odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/005)
Alagbaa, ile alagbaa ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/010)
Alagbagun hall, ala-gbagun hall, odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/009)
D.c. amola, amola area, ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/003)
Dispensary, ile idi asa, ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/013)
Idiose, ile oke ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/008)
Lewere i, lewere comp. odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/011)
Lewere ii, lewere comp. odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/012)
Oluwo junction ile oluwo, odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/015)
Onile area, ile onile aran, odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/014)
Onitokun area, onitokun comp. odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/016)
St. david.s primary school, obada area, odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/007)
St. michael grammar school, obada area, ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/004)
St. pius amola area, ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/002)
St. pius, amola area, ode omu (PU: 29/03/06/001)
The apostolic school, idi asa’s comp. odeomu (PU: 29/03/06/006)

Obalufon Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Aba ibadan, aba ibadan village (PU: 29/03/09/008)
Abewela village, abewela village (PU: 29/03/09/010)
Atoba village, atoba village (PU: 29/03/09/009)
Baba ijo, baba ijo village (PU: 29/03/09/007)
Dabongbe, dabongbe village (PU: 29/03/09/003)
Fowosere, fowosere village (PU: 29/03/09/006)
Gbeke hall, gbeke area, orile owu (PU: 29/03/09/004)
Gbeke hall, gbeke village (PU: 29/03/09/005)
St. luke’s school ii, oke eso, orile owu (PU: 29/03/09/002)
St. luke’s school i, oke eso orile owu (PU: 29/03/09/001)

Ode-omu rural Ward

(11 Polling Booths )
Agbungu, agbungu village (PU: 29/03/08/010)
Alagbede baale village, alagbede village (PU: 29/03/08/011)
C.a.c. ayetoro, tonkere vilage (PU: 29/03/08/004)
Court hall tonkere, tonkere town (PU: 29/03/08/005)
D.c. school, lasole ii, lasole village (PU: 29/03/08/003)
D.c. school, lasolei, lasole village (PU: 29/03/08/002)
Kaje onisango, kaje onisango village (PU: 29/03/08/001)
Ojudo village, ojudo village (PU: 29/03/08/009)
St. jame’s tonkere, tonkere town (PU: 29/03/08/006)
St. matthew’s ejemu, ejemu village (PU: 29/03/08/008)
St. stephen oogi, oogi town (PU: 29/03/08/007)

Olufi Ward

(7 Polling Booths )
Court hal, customary court, gbongan (PU: 29/03/03/001)
E. d. c. pry school, i, owoope, owope area (PU: 29/03/03/003)
E.d.c. pry. school, 11, owoope, owoope area (PU: 29/03/03/004)
Ile akanti / ojude aseda, akanti comp. gbongan (PU: 29/03/03/006)
N. u.d. school, oke-ola, oke-ola area (PU: 29/03/03/005)
Obadoore customary court, gbongan (PU: 29/03/03/002)
Oke irorun junction, ajegunle area (PU: 29/03/03/007)

Otun balogun Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Community hall oke ola area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/02/003)
Ile moyegun, obada area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/02/006)
Ile olojin ile olojin area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/02/004)
Oke rorun, obada area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/02/005)
St. peter’s pry. school i, oke apata gbongan (PU: 29/03/02/001)
St. peter’s pry. school ii, oke apata gbongan (PU: 29/03/02/002)

Otun-olufi Ward

(14 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. ayepe, gbayanrin area gbongan i (PU: 29/03/04/001)
Abekoko, abekoko area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/011)
D.c. school 1, oke offa, oke offa area gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/006)
D.c. school, ii, oke offa, oke offa area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/007)
E.d.c. school, araromi, adenuga area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/008)
Maternity ajegnle, oke elu area, gbongan ii (PU: 29/03/04/003)
Maternity ajegunle, oke elu area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/002)
Oja ayepe ii, ayepe market, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/013)
Oja ayepe, i, ayepe market, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/012)
Orita oke offa, oke offa area gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/014)
Palace road, onidele, oke ofa area, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/010)
St. martin’s pry school, iwo road, gbongan (PU: 29/03/04/009)
St. paul’s pry. school, oke church area, gbongan i (PU: 29/03/04/004)
St. paul’s pry. school, oke church area, gbongan ii (PU: 29/03/04/005)

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