Akamkpa L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Akamkpa urban Ward 

(20 Polling Booths )
Army primary school (PU: 09/02/01/004)
Army primary school (PU: 09/02/01/019)
Base camp g/house (PU: 09/02/01/007)
Bus stop, isong inyang (PU: 09/02/01/020)
Fed. housing estate (PU: 09/02/01/018)
Government secondary school (PU: 09/02/01/005)
Island village square (PU: 09/02/01/013)
Isong inyang play ground (PU: 09/02/01/006)
Mfam atoyi playground (PU: 09/02/01/008)
Njohobika play ground (PU: 09/02/01/009)
Okomita play ground (PU: 09/02/01/010)
Okomita village square (PU: 09/02/01/014)
Old netim play ground (PU: 09/02/01/017)
Oso agui play ground (PU: 09/02/01/016)
Primary school, old netim (PU: 09/02/01/012)
Primary school, old netim (PU: 09/02/01/015)
St. john’s primary school (PU: 09/02/01/001)
St. john’s primary school (PU: 09/02/01/002)
St. john’s primary school (PU: 09/02/01/003)
St. theresa’s school (PU: 09/02/01/011)

Awi Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
C.o.e. garrage (PU: 09/02/02/009)
Health centre ayaebam (PU: 09/02/02/011)
Health centre, nsan (PU: 09/02/02/003)
Playground, mbarakpa (PU: 09/02/02/004)
Primary school, awi (PU: 09/02/02/007)
Primary school, awi (PU: 09/02/02/012)
Primary school, etiokumi (PU: 09/02/02/008)
Primary school, nsan (PU: 09/02/02/001)
Primary school, nsan (PU: 09/02/02/002)
Primary school, obung i (PU: 09/02/02/005)
Primary school, obung ii (PU: 09/02/02/006)
Rcc garage (PU: 09/02/02/013)
Town hall, awi (PU: 09/02/02/010)

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Eku Ward 

(9 Polling Booths )
Ayip eku estate (PU: 09/02/03/004)
Ayip eku playground (PU: 09/02/03/003)
Playground new ndebiji (PU: 09/02/03/006)
Playground, osomba (PU: 09/02/03/002)
Primary school, abung (PU: 09/02/03/007)
Primary school, aking (PU: 09/02/03/001)
Primary school, akor i (PU: 09/02/03/008)
Primary school, akor ii (PU: 09/02/03/009)
Primary school, okarara (PU: 09/02/03/005)

Iko Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Eyeyeng, playground (PU: 09/02/04/011)
Playground, new ekuri (PU: 09/02/04/007)
Playground, owai (PU: 09/02/04/006)
Primary school, iko ekperem (PU: 09/02/04/002)
Primary school, iko esai. i (PU: 09/02/04/003)
Primary school, iko esai. ii (PU: 09/02/04/004)
Primary school, iko esai. iii (PU: 09/02/04/005)
Primary school, new ekuri (PU: 09/02/04/008)
Primary school,old ekuri (PU: 09/02/04/009)
Townhall, okombi (PU: 09/02/04/001)
Village square, old ekuri (PU: 09/02/04/010)

Ikpai Ward 

(20 Polling Booths )
Play ground owom (PU: 09/02/05/009)
Playground ojok (PU: 09/02/05/011)
Playground, akarin mkpot (PU: 09/02/05/016)
Playground, ekang (PU: 09/02/05/015)
Playground, ekpinini, orem (PU: 09/02/05/020)
Playground, ikpai (PU: 09/02/05/008)
Playground, iku (PU: 09/02/05/005)
Playground, mbeban (PU: 09/02/05/012)
Playground, ntebachot (PU: 09/02/05/002)
Primary school, mfaninyen (PU: 09/02/05/014)
Primary school, mkpot (PU: 09/02/05/019)
Primary school, mkpot i (PU: 09/02/05/003)
Primary school, mkpot ii (PU: 09/02/05/004)
Primary school, nkame (PU: 09/02/05/013)
Primary school, nyaje i (PU: 09/02/05/006)
Primary school, nyaje ii (PU: 09/02/05/007)
Primary school, old ndebiji (PU: 09/02/05/010)
Primary school, orem (PU: 09/02/05/001)
Village square, akaran mkpot (PU: 09/02/05/018)
Village square, ojok old town (PU: 09/02/05/017)

Mbarakom Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Aniking playground (PU: 09/02/06/005)
Nsan bus stop (PU: 09/02/06/006)
Old postal agency (PU: 09/02/06/003)
Playground, camp ii (PU: 09/02/06/010)
Playground, camp iv (PU: 09/02/06/012)
Playground, camp v (PU: 09/02/06/013)
Playground, mbarakom (PU: 09/02/06/002)
Primary school njagachang i (PU: 09/02/06/007)
Primary school njagachang ii (PU: 09/02/06/008)
Primary school, camp i (PU: 09/02/06/009)
Primary school, mbarakom (PU: 09/02/06/001)
Town hall mbarakom (PU: 09/02/06/004)
Townhall, camp iii (PU: 09/02/06/011)
Village square, njagachang i (PU: 09/02/06/014)
Village square, njagachang ii (PU: 09/02/06/015)

Oban Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Otitab farms (PU: 09/02/07/014)
Play ground, camp i (PU: 09/02/07/006)
Play ground, camp ii (PU: 09/02/07/008)
Play ground, oban ext. (PU: 09/02/07/005)
Playground, camp iv (PU: 09/02/07/010)
Playground, camp v (PU: 09/02/07/011)
Playground, mangor (PU: 09/02/07/013)
Playground, oban (PU: 09/02/07/012)
Primary school ekong (PU: 09/02/07/002)
Primary school ibe quarters (PU: 09/02/07/007)
Primary school, camp iii (PU: 09/02/07/009)
Primary school, neghe (PU: 09/02/07/001)
Primary school, oban i (PU: 09/02/07/003)
Primary school, oban ii (PU: 09/02/07/004)

Ojuk north Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Playground, abiati (PU: 09/02/08/007)
Playground, ekong-anaku (PU: 09/02/08/009)
Playground, oberekai (PU: 09/02/08/002)
Playground, oberekai (PU: 09/02/08/003)
Primary school, ekong-anaku (PU: 09/02/08/008)
Primary school, mbobui (PU: 09/02/08/004)
Primary school, mfamosing i (PU: 09/02/08/005)
Primary school, mfamosing i (PU: 09/02/08/011)
Primary school, mfamosing ii (PU: 09/02/08/006)
Primary school, oberekai (PU: 09/02/08/001)
Village square, etim ayip (PU: 09/02/08/010)

Ojuk south Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Camp i kwafalls (PU: 09/02/09/008)
Camp iii ndingane (PU: 09/02/09/006)
Camp iv ndingane (PU: 09/02/09/007)
Kwafalls camp square (PU: 09/02/09/005)
Mile 29 playground (PU: 09/02/09/002)
Playground aningeje (PU: 09/02/09/003)
Primary school, aningeje (PU: 09/02/09/004)
Primary school, ndingane (PU: 09/02/09/009)
Primary school, okoroba (PU: 09/02/09/001)
Village square, nsunakan i (PU: 09/02/09/010)

Uyanga Ward 

(24 Polling Booths )
Akwa ibami playground (PU: 09/02/10/018)
Budeng village square (PU: 09/02/10/019)
Calabar river camp (PU: 09/02/10/005)
Crel hall (PU: 09/02/10/004)
Customary court hall (PU: 09/02/10/009)
Dukwe camp hall (PU: 09/02/10/001)
Duwang playground (PU: 09/02/10/003)
Ekpri ibami village square (PU: 09/02/10/020)
Ewen playground (PU: 09/02/10/021)
Government guest house (PU: 09/02/10/022)
Govt. school, uwet (PU: 09/02/10/016)
Ifumkpa playground (PU: 09/02/10/014)
Igbofia estate (PU: 09/02/10/002)
Ikami play ground (PU: 09/02/10/010)
Ikami playground (PU: 09/02/10/011)
Kizito attah play ground (PU: 09/02/10/024)
Mkpara playground (PU: 09/02/10/023)
Okopedi playground (PU: 09/02/10/015)
Primary school iwuru central (PU: 09/02/10/007)
Primary school uyanga (PU: 09/02/10/008)
Primary school, ojor camp (PU: 09/02/10/006)
Secondary school, ojor (PU: 09/02/10/012)
Secondary school, ojor (PU: 09/02/10/013)
Uwet camp hall (PU: 09/02/10/017)


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