Akpabuyo L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Atimbo east Ward

(12 Polling Booths )
Bus stop ikot offiong ambai (PU: 09/03/01/006)
Ikot ekanem nya hall (PU: 09/03/01/012)
Playground anwa enang (PU: 09/03/01/011)
Playground ifondo (PU: 09/03/01/008)
Playground ikot uba (PU: 09/03/01/007)
Playground, ekpene ikot umo (PU: 09/03/01/010)
Playground, ekpri ikot effanya (PU: 09/03/01/009)
Playground, atimbo (near police college) (PU: 09/03/01/004)
Playground, ikot ekanem nya (PU: 09/03/01/001)
Primary school esuk ekpo eyo (PU: 09/03/01/003)
Primary school ikot offiong ambai (PU: 09/03/01/005)
Secondary school ikot ewa (PU: 09/03/01/002)

Atimbo west Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Playground eto mkpe achibong (PU: 09/03/02/003)
Playground ikot ndarake (PU: 09/03/02/011)
Playground ikot okon eniang (PU: 09/03/02/005)
Playground oton (PU: 09/03/02/014)
Playground, atim asam junction (PU: 09/03/02/013)
Playground, etak ukana (PU: 09/03/02/007)
Playground, ikot edem itu (PU: 09/03/02/008)
Playground, ikot okpo (PU: 09/03/02/010)
Primary school atim assam (PU: 09/03/02/012)
Primary school eto mkpe yellow duke hall (PU: 09/03/02/002)
Primary school ikot effanga (PU: 09/03/02/006)
Primary school, eto mkpe yellow duke(a) (PU: 09/03/02/001)
Primary school, ikot okpo ene (PU: 09/03/02/009)
Village square, urua nyomebe (PU: 09/03/02/004)

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Eneyo Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Ebisa eneyo square (PU: 09/03/03/015)
Eneyo memorial primary school (PU: 09/03/03/010)
Market square mkprok (PU: 09/03/03/014)
Playground ikot inyang (PU: 09/03/03/007)
Playground ikot otu abasi (PU: 09/03/03/004)
Playground urua etak uyayak (PU: 09/03/03/005)
Playground, ebisa eneyo (PU: 09/03/03/002)
Playground, edemesa abako (PU: 09/03/03/001)
Playground, esuk mesembe (PU: 09/03/03/012)
Playground, ikot oyom (PU: 09/03/03/011)
Playground, ikot umo edem (PU: 09/03/03/006)
Townhall, akwa obio inwang (PU: 09/03/03/009)
Townhall, ekpri ikot eyo edem (PU: 09/03/03/013)
Townhall, ikot adiaha (PU: 09/03/03/003)
Townhall, ikot asuquo effiong aye (PU: 09/03/03/008)

Idundu/anyanganse Ward

(12 Polling Booths )
Playground akansoko (PU: 09/03/04/011)
Playground anyanganse (PU: 09/03/04/009)
Playground, idundu/ebiet okon (PU: 09/03/04/002)
Playground, etantan (PU: 09/03/04/006)
Playground, ifeta (PU: 09/03/04/004)
Playground, ikot effiong effiom (PU: 09/03/04/007)
Playground, nkwa itiat (PU: 09/03/04/005)
Primary school anya ganse (PU: 09/03/04/008)
Primary school asabanka (PU: 09/03/04/003)
Primary school assembly hall idundu (PU: 09/03/04/012)
Primary school, idundu (PU: 09/03/04/001)
Primary school, akansoko (PU: 09/03/04/010)

Ikang central Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Ikang market square (PU: 09/03/05/014)
Ikang old motor park (PU: 09/03/05/004)
New motor park (PU: 09/03/05/003)
Playground, ikang town (PU: 09/03/05/002)
Playground, akwa obutong (PU: 09/03/05/007)
Playground, anansa beach (PU: 09/03/05/013)
Playground, edik idim ikot ayi (PU: 09/03/05/006)
Playground, edik idim ikot effanga (PU: 09/03/05/005)
Playground, ine akpa ikang (PU: 09/03/05/010)
Playground, ine ekpo (PU: 09/03/05/011)
Playground, ine nkan okure (PU: 09/03/05/008)
Playground, ine nwak offiong (PU: 09/03/05/009)
Primary school ekpri ikang (PU: 09/03/05/012)
Primary school, ikang town (PU: 09/03/05/001)

Ikang north Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Esuk efio obori square (PU: 09/03/06/013)
Playground camp iii (PU: 09/03/06/011)
Playground edik okon idem (PU: 09/03/06/007)
Playground esuk aye (PU: 09/03/06/012)
Playground esuk okon (PU: 09/03/06/008)
Playground ikot inwang (PU: 09/03/06/005)
Playground obot okon idem (PU: 09/03/06/006)
Playground, esuk efio obori (PU: 09/03/06/001)
Primary school akwa ubom (PU: 09/03/06/009)
Primary school assembl hall ifiang ayong (PU: 09/03/06/014)
Primary school ifiang ayong (PU: 09/03/06/003)
Primary school ifiang nsung (PU: 09/03/06/004)
Primary school, ikot effiom (PU: 09/03/06/010)
Townhall, ekpri obio abakpa (PU: 09/03/06/002)

Ikang south Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Play ground, ikot owok nyama (PU: 09/03/07/007)
Playground, akuwa obio inwang (PU: 09/03/07/003)
Playground, asiak obufa ham (PU: 09/03/07/013)
Playground, ekpene esuk (PU: 09/03/07/002)
Playground, esit ikot nsa ewa (PU: 09/03/07/009)
Playground, idua inwang (PU: 09/03/07/011)
Playground, ikot abasi effiong (PU: 09/03/07/004)
Playground, ine akpa inwang (PU: 09/03/07/012)
Playground, nyom idibi (PU: 09/03/07/005)
Playground, okukubaraka (PU: 09/03/07/010)
Primary school esighi (PU: 09/03/07/001)
Primary school esit ikot nsidung (PU: 09/03/07/008)
Primary school field esighi (PU: 09/03/07/014)
Secondary school esighi (PU: 09/03/07/006)

Ikot edem odo Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Health centre, ikot edem odo (PU: 09/03/08/004)
Play ground, esuk mba (PU: 09/03/08/011)
Playground ekpri ikot edet achibong (PU: 09/03/08/008)
Playground ekpri ikot edet nsa (PU: 09/03/08/009)
Playground ekpri ikot umo (PU: 09/03/08/007)
Playground usung idim yello duke (PU: 09/03/08/010)
Playground, ikot ekong (PU: 09/03/08/001)
Primary school esuk mbat (PU: 09/03/08/006)
Primary school ikot effiong essien (PU: 09/03/08/005)
Primary school, ikot edem odo (PU: 09/03/08/002)
Townhall, ikot edem odo (PU: 09/03/08/003)
Townhall, ikot ekpo eyo (PU: 09/03/08/012)

Ikot eyo Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Playground ikot anasua (PU: 09/03/09/005)
Playground ikot edem nsa (PU: 09/03/09/006)
Playground ikot ekpo essien (PU: 09/03/09/008)
Playground ikpa nkaya (PU: 09/03/09/007)
Playground, ekan edak (PU: 09/03/09/011)
Playground, ifiang k. duke (PU: 09/03/09/010)
Playground, ikot efio enang (PU: 09/03/09/002)
Playground, ikot eyo edem (PU: 09/03/09/004)
Playground, ikot okon idem (PU: 09/03/09/001)
Primary school field ikot eyo edem (PU: 09/03/09/012)
Primary school ifiang king duke (PU: 09/03/09/009)
Primary school ikot eyo edem (PU: 09/03/09/003)

Ikot nakanda Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Playground, esuk idebe (PU: 09/03/10/008)
Playground, idebe ikot essien (PU: 09/03/10/007)
Playground, idebe ikot esu (PU: 09/03/10/006)
Playground, ikot asikpo (PU: 09/03/10/009)
Playground, ikot nakanda (PU: 09/03/10/002)
Playground, ikot nyanya (PU: 09/03/10/004)
Playground, okoroba oyo ita (PU: 09/03/10/003)
Primary school idebe offiong umo (PU: 09/03/10/005)
Primary school, ikot nakanda (PU: 09/03/10/001)

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