Atisbo L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Ago are i

(16 Polling Booths )
Aba kajola i (PU: 30/04/07/010)
Aba kajola ii (PU: 30/04/07/011)
First baptist primary school, ago-are i (PU: 30/04/07/001)
First baptist primary school, ago-are ii (PU: 30/04/07/002)
First baptist primary school, ago-are iiii (PU: 30/04/07/003)
First baptist primary school, ago-are iv (PU: 30/04/07/004)
Janjan (PU: 30/04/07/016)
L.a. primary school i (PU: 30/04/07/008)
L.a. primary school ii (PU: 30/04/07/009)
Local government dispensary i (PU: 30/04/07/005)
Local government dispensary ii (PU: 30/04/07/006)
N.u.d primary school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/07/015)
N.u.d. primary school i (a) (PU: 30/04/07/012)
N.u.d. primary school i (b) (PU: 30/04/07/013)
N.u.d. primary school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/07/014)
Oke ado area (PU: 30/04/07/007)

Ago are ii

(18 Polling Booths )
Aba raheem i (PU: 30/04/08/012)
Aba raheem ii (PU: 30/04/08/013)
Aba simeon (PU: 30/04/08/015)
Akewe compound (PU: 30/04/08/016)
Arika compound area i (PU: 30/04/08/010)
Arika compound area ii (PU: 30/04/08/011)
Balode compound (PU: 30/04/08/018)
Baptist secondary school/co-operative (PU: 30/04/08/017)
Court hall ago-aare i (PU: 30/04/08/001)
Court hall ago-aare ii (PU: 30/04/08/002)
Court hall ago-aare iii (PU: 30/04/08/003)
Court hall ago-aare iv (PU: 30/04/08/004)
Onile nla compound (PU: 30/04/08/005)
Onile nla compound aba oke (PU: 30/04/08/006)
Second bapt. primary school i (PU: 30/04/08/007)
Second bapt. primary school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/08/008)
Second bapt. primary school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/08/009)
Sobaloju compound (PU: 30/04/08/014)

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(12 Polling Booths )
Abugudu primary school (PU: 30/04/06/008)
Central market adeoye i (PU: 30/04/06/009)
Central market adeoye ii (PU: 30/04/06/010)
Central market alaga i (PU: 30/04/06/001)
Central market alaga ii (PU: 30/04/06/002)
Central market irawote i (PU: 30/04/06/003)
Central market irawote ii (PU: 30/04/06/004)
Central market kajewole (PU: 30/04/06/007)
Central market okeho i (PU: 30/04/06/005)
Central market okeho ii (PU: 30/04/06/006)
Oore village i (PU: 30/04/06/011)
Oore village ii (PU: 30/04/06/012)


(6 Polling Booths )
Aba asaju (PU: 30/04/10/005)
Aba asaju (PU: 30/04/10/006)
Baptist primary school, basi (PU: 30/04/10/002)
Budo alaka (PU: 30/04/10/003)
Budo alaka (PU: 30/04/10/004)
Corner owo primary school (PU: 30/04/10/001)

Irawo ile

(14 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. school i (PU: 30/04/03/006)
A.u.d. school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/03/007)
A.u.d. school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/03/008)
A.u.d. school iii (a) (PU: 30/04/03/009)
A.u.d. school iii (b) (PU: 30/04/03/010)
Balogun’s compound (PU: 30/04/03/013)
Baptist primary school i (a) (PU: 30/04/03/001)
Baptist primary school i (b) (PU: 30/04/03/002)
Baptist primary school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/03/003)
Baptist primary school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/03/004)
Baptist primary school iii (PU: 30/04/03/005)
Bilekale compound area (PU: 30/04/03/014)
Post office i (PU: 30/04/03/011)
Post office ii (PU: 30/04/03/012)

Irawo owode

(14 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. primary school i (PU: 30/04/04/006)
A.u.d. primary school ii (PU: 30/04/04/007)
A.u.d. primary school iii (PU: 30/04/04/008)
Alusekere compound (PU: 30/04/04/005)
Baptist primary school ii (PU: 30/04/04/009)
Isale ofiki 0/s i (PU: 30/04/04/010)
Isale ofiki 0/s ii (PU: 30/04/04/011)
Isale ofiki 0/s iii (PU: 30/04/04/012)
Isale ofiki 0/s iv (PU: 30/04/04/013)
Nursery primary school i (a) (PU: 30/04/04/001)
Nursery primary school i (b) (PU: 30/04/04/002)
Nursery primary school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/04/003)
Nursery primary school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/04/004)
Oniyeni compound area (PU: 30/04/04/014)


(21 Polling Booths )
Agbere market i (PU: 30/04/05/014)
Agbere market ii (PU: 30/04/05/015)
Agbere market iii (PU: 30/04/05/016)
Ajinawo compound (aluko compound isale aluko) (PU: 30/04/05/021)
Baptist primary school i (PU: 30/04/05/001)
Baptist primary school ii (PU: 30/04/05/002)
Baptist primary school iii (PU: 30/04/05/003)
Baptist primary school iv (PU: 30/04/05/004)
Central market ofiki i (PU: 30/04/05/019)
Central market ofiki ii (PU: 30/04/05/020)
L.a. primary school i (PU: 30/04/05/005)
L.a. primary school ii (PU: 30/04/05/006)
L.a. primary school iii (PU: 30/04/05/007)
L.a. primary school iv (PU: 30/04/05/008)
L.a. primary school v (PU: 30/04/05/009)
Local government dispensary i (PU: 30/04/05/010)
Local government dispensary ii (PU: 30/04/05/011)
Onimongoro’s compound market i (PU: 30/04/05/017)
Onimongoro’s compound market ii (PU: 30/04/05/018)
Town hall i (PU: 30/04/05/012)
Town hall ii (PU: 30/04/05/013)


(10 Polling Booths )
Baptist primary school i, owo (PU: 30/04/09/001)
Baptist primary school ii, owo (a) (PU: 30/04/09/002)
Baptist primary school ii, owo (b) (PU: 30/04/09/003)
Baptist primary school ii, owo (c) (PU: 30/04/09/004)
Co-operative building area owo i (PU: 30/04/09/005)
Co-operative building area owo ii (PU: 30/04/09/006)
Community primary school, agunrege (PU: 30/04/09/008)
Community primary school, agunrege i (PU: 30/04/09/007)
Primary school i, sabe (a) (PU: 30/04/09/009)
Primary school i, sabe (b) (PU: 30/04/09/010)

Tede i

(16 Polling Booths )
Agoro’s compound area i (PU: 30/04/01/011)
Agoro’s compound area ii (PU: 30/04/01/012)
Areoje babani area (PU: 30/04/01/014)
Areoje compound area (PU: 30/04/01/013)
Baptist primary school i (PU: 30/04/01/001)
Baptist primary school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/01/002)
Baptist primary school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/01/003)
Baptist primary school ii  (PU: 30/04/01/004)
Bricklayer old church area i (PU: 30/04/01/007)
Bricklayer old church area ii (PU: 30/04/01/008)
Egbeomo compound area i (PU: 30/04/01/005)
Egbeomo compound area ii (PU: 30/04/01/006)
Gbenagbena’s compound area i (PU: 30/04/01/015)
Gbenagbena’s compound area ii (PU: 30/04/01/016)
Okudi village i (PU: 30/04/01/009)
Okudi village ii (PU: 30/04/01/010)

Tede ii

(23 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. primary school (PU: 30/04/02/012)
Ajebamidele village i (PU: 30/04/02/017)
Ajebamidele village ii (PU: 30/04/02/018)
Alakuko village (PU: 30/04/02/019)
Ayangun’s compound i (PU: 30/04/02/013)
Ayangun’s compound ii (PU: 30/04/02/014)
Baara’s village i (PU: 30/04/02/015)
Baara’s village ii (PU: 30/04/02/016)
Co-operative building area (PU: 30/04/02/023)
Gaa sambo i (PU: 30/04/02/020)
Gaa sambo ii (PU: 30/04/02/021)
Gaa sambo iii (PU: 30/04/02/022)
Maternity centre (PU: 30/04/02/001)
Obada market/dispensary (a) (PU: 30/04/02/006)
Obada market/dispensary (b) (PU: 30/04/02/007)
Rcm. primary school i (b) (PU: 30/04/02/009)
Rcm. primary school i(a) (PU: 30/04/02/008)
Rcm. primary school ii (a) (PU: 30/04/02/010)
Rcm. primary school ii (b) (PU: 30/04/02/011)
Town hall i (a) (PU: 30/04/02/002)
Town hall i (b) (PU: 30/04/02/003)
Town hall ii (a) (PU: 30/04/02/004)
Town hall ii(b) (PU: 30/04/02/005)

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