Bakassi L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Abana Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Play ground ikot ntuen (PU: 09/04/01/004)
Play ground ufot utan (PU: 09/04/01/002)
Playground okposo (PU: 09/04/01/003)
Playground onosi ii (PU: 09/04/01/006)
Playground ubere mong (PU: 09/04/01/007)
Playground, onosi i (PU: 09/04/01/005)
Primary school, abana (PU: 09/04/01/001)

Akpankanya Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Play ground ine ubere ofum (PU: 09/04/02/006)
Play ground ine utan udia (PU: 09/04/02/008)
Play ground uruanyan i (PU: 09/04/02/004)
Play ground uruanyan ii (PU: 09/04/02/007)
Play ground, akpankanya (PU: 09/04/02/001)
Play ground, edat (PU: 09/04/02/005)
Playground ine ekoi (PU: 09/04/02/003)
Playground, ekimenen/okong enyong (PU: 09/04/02/002)

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Akwa Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Play ground anke ambang (PU: 09/04/03/006)
Play ground ekara utan (PU: 09/04/03/004)
Play ground esine ufot (PU: 09/04/03/007)
Play ground ikot eyo (PU: 09/04/03/008)
Play ground, nyam osung (PU: 09/04/03/005)
Playground nwanyo (PU: 09/04/03/003)
Playground, mbem mong (PU: 09/04/03/002)
Playground, akwa town (PU: 09/04/03/001)

Ambai ekpa Ward 

(5 Polling Booths )
Play ground ekimindo (PU: 09/04/04/004)
Play ground, ine umo (PU: 09/04/04/005)
Play ground, ndor (PU: 09/04/04/001)
Playground ine qufe ideh (PU: 09/04/04/003)
Playground, eso andu (PU: 09/04/04/002)

Amoto Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Playground ancha anating (PU: 09/04/05/006)
Playground bekwe amoto (PU: 09/04/05/007)
Playground inwawg esit ikot (PU: 09/04/05/004)
Playground okom kiet (PU: 09/04/05/003)
Playground, afia utan (PU: 09/04/05/002)
Playground, ine etak ukim (PU: 09/04/05/005)
Playground, ine unya (PU: 09/04/05/001)

Archibong Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Playground edik esuk ii (PU: 09/04/06/007)
Playground ine utatan i (PU: 09/04/06/003)
Playground ine utatan ii (PU: 09/04/06/004)
Playground, archibong town (PU: 09/04/06/005)
Playground, edik esuk i (PU: 09/04/06/002)
Playground, efe eyo (PU: 09/04/06/006)
Primary school, archibong town (PU: 09/04/06/001)

Atai ema Ward 

(8 Polling Booths )
Play ground asuquo ema (PU: 09/04/07/007)
Play ground ikot okon asuquo (PU: 09/04/07/008)
Play ground ukpabio ema (PU: 09/04/07/004)
Play ground, edet anatigha (PU: 09/04/07/002)
Play ground, ema antigha (PU: 09/04/07/006)
Play ground, sand sand ii (PU: 09/04/07/005)
Playground ema andem ema (PU: 09/04/07/003)
Primary school, atai ema (PU: 09/04/07/001)

Efut inwang Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Play ground yanga demoga (PU: 09/04/08/007)
Play ground, efut inwang (PU: 09/04/08/006)
Play ground, efut obot ikot (PU: 09/04/08/001)
Play ground, makomia (PU: 09/04/08/005)
Play ground, ine ambeno (PU: 09/04/08/002)
Playground debondo (PU: 09/04/08/003)
Playground ine efa efa (PU: 09/04/08/004)

Ekpot abia Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Health centre (PU: 09/04/09/007)
Play ground , ine ibekwe (PU: 09/04/09/006)
Play ground esuk asikpo (PU: 09/04/09/004)
Play ground, asuabiat (PU: 09/04/09/005)
Playground umo offiong (PU: 09/04/09/003)
Playground, atabia/effanga edem (PU: 09/04/09/002)
Playground, ekpot abia (PU: 09/04/09/001)

Odiong Ward 

(5 Polling Booths )
Playground etetim effiom (PU: 09/04/10/003)
Playground efio edem (PU: 09/04/10/004)
Playground, bassey effiong (PU: 09/04/10/002)
Playground, atayo umo (PU: 09/04/10/005)
Playground, edem abasi (PU: 09/04/10/001)


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