Bassa L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Akuba i Ward

(13 Polling Booths )
Dinengewu/bissau open space dinengewu (PU: 22/04/01/008)
Esule open space esule (PU: 22/04/01/012)
Gbechi lgea school gbechi (PU: 22/04/01/009)
Gbedikere open space gbedikere (PU: 22/04/01/011)
Gbegbereji village open space (PU: 22/04/01/007)
Kwokwoshi, kwokwoshi (PU: 22/04/01/010)
Lando tuzuba opposite g.s.s. (PU: 22/04/01/004)
Oguma mahauta open space near abattior oguma (PU: 22/04/01/002)
Oguma tuzuba lgea central school, oguma (PU: 22/04/01/001)
Shashara open space (PU: 22/04/01/003)
Sheria ii open space sheria (PU: 22/04/01/005)
Sheria iv front of r.c.m. school i (PU: 22/04/01/006)
Sheria iv front of r.c.m. shool ii (PU: 22/04/01/013)

Akuba ii Ward

(16 Polling Booths )
Agodo lgea school, agodo (PU: 22/04/02/010)
Aloko open space aloko (PU: 22/04/02/013)
Echukwu lgea school echukwu (PU: 22/04/02/004)
Keteshi, open space keteshi (PU: 22/04/02/008)
Koriko i open space koriko (PU: 22/04/02/006)
Koriko ii, lgea school koriko (PU: 22/04/02/007)
Kporo open space kporo (PU: 22/04/02/011)
Ochipu open space (PU: 22/04/02/015)
Odenyi lgea school odenyi (PU: 22/04/02/001)
Odugbo lgea school odugbo (PU: 22/04/02/009)
Odugbo lgea school odugbo (PU: 22/04/02/016)
Odulu village open space odulu (PU: 22/04/02/003)
Okete, open space okete (PU: 22/04/02/014)
Okudugu lgea school okudugu (PU: 22/04/02/002)
Onyoji-wapa-wotu l.g.e.a. school onyoji (PU: 22/04/02/012)
Ujua lgea school, ujua (PU: 22/04/02/005)

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Ayede/akakana Ward

(15 Polling Booths )
Abutu i open school abutu (PU: 22/04/03/008)
Akakana i lgea school, akakana (PU: 22/04/03/001)
Akakana ii gss field, akakana (PU: 22/04/03/002)
Ayede main open space ayede (PU: 22/04/03/009)
Changudu/suma lgea school (PU: 22/04/03/011)
Ebenehi open space ebenehi (PU: 22/04/03/014)
Imowa-buba open space imowa (PU: 22/04/03/010)
Inigu-omono lgea school inigu-omono (PU: 22/04/03/006)
Inigu-tamazhe lgea school inigu-tamazhe (PU: 22/04/03/012)
Jegwere open space jegwere (PU: 22/04/03/005)
Kekure lgea school, kekure (PU: 22/04/03/003)
Paruwa swegene lgea school (PU: 22/04/03/015)
Paruwa-swegene lgea school opaluwa (PU: 22/04/03/007)
Rivine-ukuya lgea school rivine-ukuya (PU: 22/04/03/004)
Zharikama lgea school zharikama (PU: 22/04/03/013)

Eforo Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Atte-togumeye lgea school (PU: 22/04/08/002)
Dodogbagi open space dodogbagi (PU: 22/04/08/004)
Eforo lgea school, eforo (PU: 22/04/08/001)
Egbo open space egbo (PU: 22/04/08/006)
Egeneja open space (PU: 22/04/08/005)
Eroko/abom lgea school eroko (PU: 22/04/08/008)
Koji comm. sec. school koji (PU: 22/04/08/009)
Koji lgea school koji (PU: 22/04/08/007)
Kpobi open space kpobi (PU: 22/04/08/003)

Gboloko Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Adum-woiwo lgea school adum-wdiwo (PU: 22/04/06/003)
Akabe-emi-lafia open space akabe (PU: 22/04/06/005)
Atsagba-agedegi open space atsagba (PU: 22/04/06/011)
Effin lgea school, effin (PU: 22/04/06/007)
Ekido open space ekido (PU: 22/04/06/009)
Emi-akpamo – yakubu open space emi-akpamo (PU: 22/04/06/016)
Emi-audu open space emi-audu (PU: 22/04/06/013)
Emi-boci lgea school, emi-boci (PU: 22/04/06/004)
Emi-dale-anikao open space emi-dale (PU: 22/04/06/012)
Emi-dedeba lgea school emi-dedeba (PU: 22/04/06/008)
Emi-eronu lgea school emi-eronu (PU: 22/04/06/014)
Gboloko i open space (PU: 22/04/06/017)
Gboloko i open space (PU: 22/04/06/001)
Gboloko ii lgea central school gboloko (PU: 22/04/06/002)
Nyankpo open space nyankpo (PU: 22/04/06/015)
Olowa near market square olowa (PU: 22/04/06/006)
Takete lgea school takete (PU: 22/04/06/010)

Ikende Ward

(12 Polling Booths )
Elegeji lgea school elegeji (PU: 22/04/05/009)
Gbamu lgea school gbamu (PU: 22/04/05/006)
Ikende i lgea school ikende (PU: 22/04/05/001)
Ikende ii near market square (PU: 22/04/05/002)
Kpokudu open space kpokudu (PU: 22/04/05/003)
Odulo open space odulo (PU: 22/04/05/004)
Odulo open space odulo (PU: 22/04/05/012)
Ugbende open space ugbende (PU: 22/04/05/005)
Wamua lgea school wamua (PU: 22/04/05/008)
Wussa uzhibu (aguma) lgea school wussa aguma (PU: 22/04/05/010)
Wussa uzhibu (rome) open space wussa rome (PU: 22/04/05/011)
Zenyi lgea school zenyi (PU: 22/04/05/007)

Kpata Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Atakpa lgea school atakpa (PU: 22/04/07/008)
Ecewu lgea school ecewu (PU: 22/04/07/002)
Emi-abaida open space emi-abaida (PU: 22/04/07/005)
Emi-guni open space near the clinic emi-guni (PU: 22/04/07/004)
Gbobe open space gbobe (PU: 22/04/07/001)
Kpata (main) lgea school kpata (PU: 22/04/07/006)
Kpata kpale lgea school kpata kpale (PU: 22/04/07/007)
Shintaku main lgea school shintaku (PU: 22/04/07/003)

Mozum Ward

(7 Polling Booths )
Adimbeku lgea school adimbeku (PU: 22/04/09/004)
Edikeyi open space (PU: 22/04/09/006)
Kabawa open space kabawa (PU: 22/04/09/003)
Mozum sabon gari g.s.s. mozum (PU: 22/04/09/007)
Mozum sabon gari lgea school mozum (PU: 22/04/09/001)
Mozum water side open space (PU: 22/04/09/002)
Ogba lgea school ogba (PU: 22/04/09/005)

Ozongulo/kpanche Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Awawa open/space awawa (PU: 22/04/04/004)
Byintwa/daje open space byintwa (PU: 22/04/04/006)
Garba lgea sch. garba (PU: 22/04/04/003)
Karukwo lgea school karukwo (PU: 22/04/04/005)
Kpanche i lgea school kpanche (PU: 22/04/04/001)
Kpanche ii open space kpanche (PU: 22/04/04/002)

Ozugbe Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Autara lgea school, autara (PU: 22/04/10/003)
Biroko lgea school, biroko (PU: 22/04/10/002)
Omara lgea school, omara (PU: 22/04/10/004)
Ozugbe i lgea school, ozugbe (PU: 22/04/10/001)

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