Biography Of Abdul Aziz Moshood (Footballer)

Biography Intro: Abdul Aziz Moshood  is a retired Nigerian footballer. He currently works as the coach of the Atlantis FC.

NAME:Abdul Aziz Moshood

DATE OF BIRTH: 22 July 1968

PLACE OF BIRTH: Kaduna, Nigeria

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: He began his coaching career in 1998-2004 for PK-35, a Youth Premier League team and as head coach of Ponnistus FC—a Pro-Second Division in Finland 2005-2008. He was also in charge of the Helsinki International Youth Cup annual summer tournament.

On 30 March 2010, Bola was named the head coach of the Atlantis FC, a Pro-Second Division club in Finland. In the same capacity, he is also the director of coaching for the youth team — Atlantis FC Akatemia. Coach Bola helped Atlantis to redeem its image after losing 12 games in 13 pre season games and draw one game in preparation for the 2010 Season. He helped Atlantis win their first ever game in the season in the first match at the start of the season against FC FUTURA. Bola, as he is popularly known, is known for his tough trainings, standardized technical training method and above all discipline. Atlantis quickly became a notable team in the city of Helsinki and the team to beat. Bola definitely will in no time be noticed in the world of football coaching and be compared to the rising stars of football coaches.

Mohammedan Sporting Club is the largest fan based club in Kolkata and India in large, but has been underground in the past 50 years, and it fans based was diminishing daily and with out trophy to show. But coach Bola came and transformed the club into a trophy winning team and a force to recond with in Indian football. A trophy which has eluded MSC for 73 years he came and won it (Durand Cup), Winning 14 straight matches; beaten a team 7 nil which is a landmark in MSC history. Beaten Prayag UTD in the state league and beaten Sporting Club De Goa away in national league a feet that has never been achieved before he came.

He came to India and transformed MSC into a household name in India football, he brought a new dimension into India football and made msc a force to be recond with in Kolkata football, his highly technical input was the reason MSC broke into the ranks of east Bengal, Dempo and Churchill brothers with their eye catching and entertaining football which the league experienced recently, a gentle man and a dedicated coach who is committed to his job, a coach who have the credibility of transforming average players to great players, coach Bola is a disciplined coach with a good heart towards players working with him, above all he has the charisma of a winner naturally in him.


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