Biography Of Alfred Diete-Spiff

Biography Intro:Alfred Papapreye Diete-Spiff was the first Military Governor of Rivers State, Nigeria after it was created from part of the old Eastern Region, Nigeria.

NAME:Alfred Diete-Spiff

DATE OF BIRTH:30 July 1942


EDUCATION: Alfred diete-spiff is an ijaw from bayelsa state and the amayanabo (king) of twon-brass, bayelsa state, born on 30 july 1942. He was educated at st. Joseph’s college, western cameroon and britannia royal naval college, dartmouth, england.

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: In 1973, a correspondent for the nigerian observer wrote an article about an impending teacher’s strike, which was published on diete-spiff’s birthday. Taking this as a deliberate insult, diete-spiff’s aide ralph iwowari had the reporter’s head publicly shaved and had him beaten with 24 lashes of a cane

In december 2009, diete-spiff was national chairman of the nigerian association of auctioneers

He was in the 2005 confab and served in the committee on models and structure of government. He is in the category of elder statesmen


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