Biography Of Ayinla Omowura

Biography Intro: Popularly called EGUNMOGAJI”the late Ayinla Omowura was born in Abeokuta Ogun state Nigeria in the late 30’s. The exact date is unknown, as no record was kept. His musical career took root when he started with
a brand of music called”Olalomi” in the early 50’s. This brand of music was so popular that he became the darling of the young people both in Nigeria and the the west coast of Africa. This brand faded with time.

NAME: Ayinla Omowura


PLACE OF BIRTH: Abeokuta Ogun state



CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: His musical career took a new dimension when he joined EMI NIGERIA in 1970 and recorded a single titled”AJAT OF’ OJU D’EJO” in June of that year. The tremendous success attained by the single was quickly folowed by three other extended play records. One was recorded in September 1970-HNEP 506 titled “EMA FOWO S’OYA SI WAMO” and the other two, HNEP 533 TITLED “DANFO O SI ERE”/”EMA TORI OWO PA’NIA and HNEP 534 titiled “ANJONU ELERE” were recorded on the 20th of July 1971.

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