Biography Of Binawari Williams Ajuwa (Footballer)

Biography Intro: Binawari Williams Ajuwa is a retired Nigerian footballer.

NAME: Binaware Williams Ajuwa

DATE OF BIRTH: 30 January 1982

PLACE OF BIRTH: Lagos, Nigeria

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES:  His football career actually started when he joined FC PUMA in Lagos, an amateur clubside. Bina in 2001 made his international debut when then Nigerian Senior team coach, Bonfere Jo invited him to the 2002 African Cup of Nations qualification match against Zambia where the sleek players termed then as a rookie was drafted to start the game.

His determination to become a football great began when he dumped Nigeria and moved to Benin Republic to join AS Dragons FC de l’Ouémé, a Beninese club in the 1997-1998 season. In 1998, he signed for S.L. Benfica. Ajuwa played for so many clubs before he retired, but only some are mentioned here.

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