Biography Of Chief Adebayo Ogunsanya SAN (Deceased)

Omoba Adeniran Ogunsanya, QC, SAN was a Nigerian lawyer and politician. He was among the chief-founders of the Ibadan Peoples Party (IPP). He served as a Lagos State commissioner for Justice and Education and during the Second Republic, he was chairman of the Nigerian People’s Party

NAME: Omoba Adeniran Ogunsanya

DATE OF BIRTH:  31 January 1918 – 22 November 1996

PARENT: Omoba Suberu Ogunsanya Oguntade

OCCUPATION: Nigerian lawyer and politician

EDUCATION: He completed his primary education from Hope Waddell Training Institute in Calabar under the guardianship of his uncle who was a civil servant. He scored the highest mark at the 1937 Government Standard VI examinations thus earning him a government scholarship to King’s College, Lagos. He went on to study Law at the University of Manchester and Gray’s Inn School of Law.

In the mid 1950s, Adeniran served as a member of the National Executive Committee of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons. He was the President of NCNC Youth Association and in 1959, he became a member of the parliament.

Adeniran was the leader of the Lagos progressives that merged with three other groups to form the Nigerian People’s Party (NPP) during the Second Republic. He later became the chairman of the Nigerian People’s Party (NPP) succeeding Olu Akinfosile after he had previously lost to Lateef Jakande for a seat in the Lagos Government House. He was the first Attorney General of Lagos and later became the Commissioner of Education

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Adeniran began his law practice at Chief T.O.S. Benson Chambers in Lagos after returning from the United Kingdom a better informed lawyer and politician. In 1956, he joined his brother, Sulu Adebayo Ogunsanya to establish Ogunsanya & Ogunsanya Chambers.

ACHIEVEMENTS:Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education is named after him for his selfless work to the progress of Lagos state.
Senior Advocate of Nigeria
Queen’s Counsel

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