Biography Of Chief F.r.a. Williams, SAN (Deceased)

NAME:Rotimi Williams

DATE OF BIRTH:16 December 1920


EDUCATION: He entered primary school in the 1930s, at the Methodist Olowogbowo School, then went to C.M.S Grammar School, Lagos for secondary education. Despite being given a full scholarship to study mechanical engineering at Yaba Higher College, he chose to become a lawyer. 

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: In 1943, he became the first nigerian solicitor to the supreme court of nigeria and soon thereafter entered the political arena as a member of the nigerian youth movement.

He rose to become the movement’s general secretary.

However, the movement was soon embroiled in a crisis which dented its political support among the nigerian masses. When the movement began to fade politically, he was one of the educated members of the nigerian political class who joined the action group.


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