Biography Of Gideon Ebijitimi (Footballer)

Gideon Ebijitimi is a Nigerian born Romanian professional footballer, who currently plays for Millenium Giarmata.

NAME: Gideon Ebijitimi

DATE OF BIRTH: 26 November 1981

PLACE OF BIRTH: Lagos Nigeria

OCCUPATION: Footballer

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: The striker played his professional debut in the Romanian Liga I on 11 August 2001 in the game of his club Oțelul Galați against UM After on season was released and he played than with the clubs Apulum Alba Iulia, Minaur Zlatna, Petrolul Ploiesti, FC VasluiTimişoara. CSM Reșița, Forex Brașov, Corvinul Hunedoara, CS Minerul Lupeni, FC Hunedoara

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