Biography Of John Chibuike (Footballer)

Biography Intro: John Chibuike  is a Nigerian footballer who plays secondary striker for Samsunspor.

NAME:John Chibuike

DATE OF BIRTH:10 October 1988

PLACE OF BIRTH: Enugu, Nigeria

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES:Starting his career in Enugu Rangers and made the senior team in the 2008-2009 season, in 2009 prior to the start of Allsvenskan he was bought by BK Häcken. Mainly being used as a defender by Rangers, after his arrival in Häcken he has been used more as a midfielder.

John Chibuike had a quite soft start in BK Häcken, but soon spectators around the venues saw that he had something extra. During his first season – 2010 he played as a midfielder and showed both good defensive and offensive skills and specially a good vision and technique. He made 27 out of 30 games during the season scoring 3 goals and making three assists.

In the start of Allsvenskan, season 2011 it became apparent that Chibuike had improved even more. Allsvenskan topscorer – and club fellow Mathias Ranégie said he was the team’s most import important player and that he very soon could see Chibuike playing on a European toplevel.

On 29 August he signed a 4-year contract with Norwegian side Rosenborg where he played behind a main striker.

In the summer of 2014, he moved from Rosenborg to Turkish side Gaziantepspor, signing a 4-year contract.


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