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Biography Of Muhammadu Kabir `umar


NAME: Muhammadu Kabir Usman

DATE OF BIRTH: January 1928

EDUCATION: At an early age, kabir was enrolled into a qur’anic school situated within the palace, which was then headed by an arab scholar, mohammed abdullahi, believed to have been hired purposely for that by his grandfather, emir muhammadu dikko.

A little later, kabir moved to further his quranic studies at tsamiya, a place in katsina near the palace. In 1942, at the age of 14, kabir was admitted into the katsina middle school, with 52 others, from across the then katsina province. On completion in 1947

CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Kabir was promoted to lance corporal and appointed wakilin doka, the katsina native authority police chief in 1951 by his father, who had become emir in 1944. In 1953, kabir went to lagos for a criminal investigation course, and later went to the police college, london for a similar course.

In 1957, he was made the native authority councilor in charge of police, prison and the department of urban water supply. Kabir worked effectively as police chief, handling one of the delicate police work that arose as a result of a northern elements progressive union (nepu) inspired revolt of sambon barka in the southern part of the katsina emirate.

He was also made acting magajin gari in 1957. He served a member of the boards of many schools and the gaskiya corporation, based in zaria.


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