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Biography Of Pastor Olumide Emmanuel


Biography Intro: Pastor Olumide Emmanuel is the President of the “Truth of Calvary Ministries (TRUCALMS), and the Senior Pastor and set man over Calvary Bible Church, Idimu, Lagos, a fast-growing and prophetic mega.

Name: Pastor Olumide Oladapo Emmanuel

Career And Professional Activities: Olumide Emmanuel is a pastor, bestselling author, conference host, and business man, entrepreneur, investor, international motivational speaker and wealth creation agent.

Why don’t I get what I want when I want them?
– Why do I pray, fast and trust God and still don’t get results?
– Why are God’s promises to me being delayed for so long?

Honors And Awards: He has received numerous awards for his impact both in religious and secular arenas.

Pastor Olumide Emmanuel sits on the board of numerous businesses and directly manages some of them which include Common Sense Ltd, a group of businesses with interest in real estate, publishing, consultancy, tourism, training etc, Fingerprints Investment Club (FIC), Parable Ventures Ltd (PVL), Wealth Creation Network (WCN), Dynamites Forum International (DFI), an NGO and many others. He is the host of numerous conferences and seminars including the popular “Wisdom For Singles”, “Wisdom for Couples”, and the “How To” Seminars (How to be a bestselling Author, How to be a millionaire, How to be an exceptional leader, How to be a success in life, How to build a successful business). He is also the host of the weekly Sunday Business and Leadership School (SBLS).

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