Birth Registration In Nigeria

Birth Registration Procedure in Nigeria

Normally, when a child is born, the registration should be done within sixty (60) days of birth.

If however, the sixty day period has elapsed, it becomes late registration and this attracts a fine.

Children between the ages of 0-18 were however initially exempted from the fine but the waiver expired in 2009

Birth registration can be done in the following locations:

  1. National Population Commission Registration centres.
  2. National Population Commission’s Offices at the
  3. Local Government Headquarters.
  4. National Population Commission’s Desks in Hospital/Health Centres and
  5. Other designated places by the commission.

Details required for the registration include:

  • Notification of birth from a hospital.
  • The full name of the child.
  • The sex of the child.
  • The date of birth of the child which must correspond with that on the notification of birth.
  • Full names of both parents.
  • The place of birth.

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