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Brief Facts About Azerbaijan


The most well-known of Azerbaijan’s volcanoes is Yanar Dag, also known as ‘Burning Mountain’. True to its name, the mountain has been burning for as long as anyone can remember, and the fire isn’t showing signs of going out any time soon.
Atropates, the Persian satrap was used to coin the name of this country, Azerbaijan. The treasure or the treasury of fire or the land of fire can be replaced with the word Azerbaijan. The country of azerbaijan didn’t exist until 1918 and azeri people were always refered as caucasian turks.
TV channels in Azerbaijan run on three languages, namely, Azeri, Russian, and Turkish. There is big antagonism towards European and Western values.
The national animal of Azerbaijan is the Karabakh Horse. They have been bred for many hundreds of years, but the breed is now threatened with extinction as there are a few thoroughbreds left. They are hardly breed, and are famed for their speed and good temperament. Azeris like to eat horses, thus the problem.
A three hour drive north from Baku will take you to local villages set against the Caucasus Mountains that will be abloom with a flower related to vanilla- the Green Orchids. It is not the national flower of Azerbaijan, but it does grow there. Azerbaijan has yet to select a national flower.
Telephone communication is fulfilled without a problem. The hotels have a direct international code link as well as the accom­panying office facilities: faxes, telexes, computers, internet and others. Internet services are also rendered in numerous private agencies. The tokens for the use of public phones are sold in the subway and news-agencies.
Along with the Azen newspapers and magazines, there are periodicals in Russian and turkish and a lot of Russian publica­tions
The public transport is presented by Baku (Azerbaijan) metro and numer­ous minibuses. At any time of the day, you can use the services of private taxis, which will take you to the needed point in Azerbaijan. It is better to establish the price in advance.
The first medical aid is usually free. There are also private paid medical clinics and services, doctors that can speak a for­eign language. In the chemists’ there is a big choice of medica­ments and most of them are open 24 hours.
The climate of Azerbaijan can be classified as Dfb climate; a humid snow climate with the warmest month under 22°C, four or more months above 10°C and the coldest month lower than -3°C.
The Gobustan Nature Park has been declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. As well as half the mud volcanoes in the world, it is also home to well preserved ancient rock art and carvings, and the unique “musical stones” known as Gaval Dashgot that gives a peek into the lives of the pre-historic inhabitants of Azerbaijan.

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