Brief Facts About Colombia

Colombia shares a land border with 5 countries including Panama, Venezuela,Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.
Colombia is the only country in South America that has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
Bogotá is the capital of Colombia. It is the second largest capital city in South America and at 2640 m (8661 ft) it is one of the highest capital cities in the world.
Colombia is classed as a “megadiverse” country, ranking as the 2nd most biodiverse country in the world. It has the highest amount of species by area in the world, including the most endemic species of butterflies, the most orchid species, the most amphibian species and more species of bird than all of Europe and North America combined.
Colombia is the world’s leading source of emeralds and its coffee is world-renown. Around 12% of world’s coffee is produced in Colombia.
Colombia is nicknamed the “gateway to South America” because it sits in the northwestern part of the continent where South America connects with Central and North America. It is the fifth largest country in Latin America.
Colombia is part of the Ring of Fire, a group of countries on the Pacific Ocean prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
Of the 14 or so species of Wax Palm in the world, Colombia has 7 of them. This particular species is the tallest palm in the world, reaching heights of up to 60 meters and in exceptional cases – 80 meters. These can be viewed with in the Cocora Valley, on treks into PNN Los Nevados.
Colombia has the highest coastal mountain range in the world – The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta(also a national park that covers 383,000 hectares. Its highest peak s also Colombia’s highest mountain – Pico Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) standing at around 5,775 metres above sea level or 19,058 feet.
Colombia has 58 National Parks(almost the same amount as the U.S) that cover around 10% of the national territory – some 12,602,328 hectares – and are home to some of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. There are plans to enlarge existing parks and establish more to reach a 14% coverage.
Colombia is home to the most incredible natural beauty you will ever see in your life. And its cities are nothing short of awe-inspiring: The Ancient Inca Road System that runs through the Colombian portion of the Andes, The Salt Mines of Nemocón and the Plaza de Bolivar in Bogota.
Various archaeological sites, amongst them some of the most important in South America such as the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) of the Tayronas and San Agustin among others.

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