Brief Facts About Comoros

Comoros, officially known as the Union of Comoros, consists of a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean. Comoros is situated off the Eastern coast of Africa and in terms of claimed geographical area is the third-smallest nation in Africa. In terms of the population of the country, Comoros is the sixth-smallest country in the continent of Africa.

  • Comoros as a country is extremely susceptible to cyclones, mostly during the rainy season.
  • The lowest point in Comoros is obviously the Indian Ocean. The highest point however is Le Karthala, an active volcano that towers over the nation at an intimidating height of 2,360 m.
  • The island of Comoros comprises of three main islands, namely, Anjouan, Moheli and Grande Comore. These are the islands that make up Comoros, but the country also lays claim to another island known as Mayotte. Mayotte however is administered by France and only claimed by Comoros.
  • The country’s motto is “Unité – Solidarité – Développement” (French). It means ‘Unity – Solidarity – Development’.
  • Comoros has three official languages. They are, namely, Comorian, Arabic, and French.
  • The flags of most African countries are famous for ‘flaunting’ a star and a crescent shape. However, Comoros is a country that’s famous for having more than one star on its flag. The country has a grand total four stars on its flag, with each star representing its four islands.
  • Comoros is a ‘Federal republic’ and is currently headed by President Ahmed Abdallah M. Sambi.



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