Brief Facts About Iraq

Although rich in oil, Iraq has been a war-torn country for years. Let’s explore more about the country that has been under decades of dictatorship, war, and turmoil. Here are some interesting facts about Iraq’s history, geography, culture, government, people, economy, and wars.

Interesting facts about Iraq’s history
#1. In Arabic, the name Iraq means “deeply rooted, well watered; fertile.” The name has been in use since before the sixth century.

#2. Iraq was under British rule for 17 years, and Ottoman rule for centuries.

#3. It gained independence from Britain on October 3, 1932.#4. In 1991 the phrase “Allahu Akbar” was added in green Arabic script to the flag of Iraq. (See the image of Iraq’s flag above)

#5. The metric system of weights and measures is the legal standard in the country.

#6. Beginning its participation in the Olympic Games in 1948, Iraq has only won a Bronze medal (from the 1960 games) to this day.

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