Brief Facts About Latvia

Latvia, officially the republic of Latvia, is a country in northern Europe. It is one of the three Baltic States. Let’s explore more about this beautiful country with some funny and interesting facts.


#1. The indigenous people of Latvia are known as Latvians and Livs.

#2. A very old oak tree dating back to the times of Pharaoh (yes, you read it right), the ruler of Egypt, was found in Latvia during an excavation project. A small plaque near the Oak tree reads: “OAK TRUNK: Found during excavation work for Riga new Town Hall. It grew on the shore of Daugava 3500 years ago, at about the time when Pharaoh Tutankhamen was the ruler of Egypt.”

#3. A secret Soviet bunker built in 1982, which has an area of 213,000 square feet, could support 250 people for an estimated three months. Armed with daily supplies to last months, and state-of-the-art equipment; the bunker was built beneath layers of dirt, cement and metal. The bunker, however, is a tourist attraction as of 2003.

#4. It is said that Latvians are very proud of their country. Yes, so on your first visit to the country, when you meet some Latvian, do not forget to praise them or their country. You may be surprised to learn that Latvians are humorous, too.

#5. Though the majority of Latvians speak Russian, do not misunderstand them as Russians. Latvians are a separate ethnic group.

#6. Latvia’s forests are often called “green gold.” This is mainly because the country’s forests contribute handsomely towards the country’s economy.

#7. The country is home to a large variety of deciduous tree species including – oak, aspen, birch, black and white alder and others. The region also has a large number of coniferous tree species such as pine and fir. The country has also been actively participating in tree plantations in recent years.

#8. In the beginning of the 20th century, giant hangars that were made to house German-made airships in the center of Riga, are today a place for 3,000 trade stands. The place is Europe’s largest market bazaar today.

#9. It is also said that Latvia has the highest rates of fashion models; and the women from the country are considered to be tallest among women from all over the world.

#10. You may be surprised to learn that there is a shortage of women in Latvia.We mean that there are fewer women in the country compared to men.

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