Brief Facts About Lesotho

Lesotho, officially known as the Republic of Lesotho, is a country completely landlocked by South Africa. There is a total of 16 countries including Lesotho that are landlocked in Africa.

#1. Lesotho was formerly known as Basutoland. An individual is called a Mosotho and the people are called Basotho.

#2. Sotho and English are the official languages of the country.

#3. The name of “Lesotho” roughly means the land of the people who speak Sesotho.

#4. As of today, more than 40% of the population of the country is below the poverty line.

#5. Lesotho is a high-altitude country, situated at an elevation of 2161 m above sea level. It is also famously known as “The Kingdom in the Sky.”

#6. “Thabana Ntlenyana” at 3,482 m is the highest point in the country.

#7. The junction of the Orange and Makhaleng Rivers at 1,400 m is the lowest point in the country. It is also the highest lowest point of any country in the world.

#8. Lesotho is the only country in the world entirely above 1,000 m.

#9. In area, Lesotho is slightly smaller than Maryland, U.S.

#10. Lesotho has a total land boundary of 1,106 km.

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