Brief Facts About Macau

  1. Macau is a small peninsula in mainland China, located in Eastern Asia.
  2. Unusually, this country is 100% urbanised as it consists solely of a single city.
  3. Macau actually became a Portuguese colony in 1557, before becoming a Portuguese overseas province until 1999 when it was transferred back to China.
  4. It is bordered by China to the north and west. It also has a coastline along the South China Sea to the east, south and west.
  5. For wild nights that turn into relaxing days, head for the coordinates of 22.1667° N, 113.5500° E for a wonderful adventure in this vibrant city!
  6. The terrain of this tiny peninsula is generally flat.
  7. The total land area of Macau is 10.9 square miles (28.2 square kilometres)…

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