Brief Facts About Mongolia

Mongolia is a country in East Asia. The country is also famous for Genghis Khan, a one of a kind ruler that changed the course of history for the country.

#1. Mongolia is a landlocked, unitary sovereign state in East Asia.

#2. Bogd Khan Ull National Park (1783), the oldest national park in the world, is in Mongolia. It predates the Yellowstone by approximately 100 years.

#3. Present day Mongolia was referred to as “Outer Mongolia.” Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region in The People’s Republic of China, located in the north of the country. Inner Mongolia contains over 12% of China’s land area and is the third largest subdivision of China.

#4. Mongolia lies between China to the South and Russia to the North. It is actually bordered on the three sides (South, East, and West) by China. Kazakhstan is also near to Mongolia at only a distance of 36.76 km.

#5. With a population of around 3 million people, Mongolia, by area is the 18th largest country in the world.

#6. Behind Kazakhstan, Mongolia is the world’s second largest landlocked country, followed by Chad (3rd), Niger (4th), Mali (5th), Ethiopia (6th), Bolivia (7th), Zambia (8th), Afghanistan (9th) and Central African Republic (10th largest landlocked country in the world).

#7. With an average temperature of minus 1.3 degree Celsius, Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar (“Red Hero”) is the world’s chilliest capital city. The second coldest capital city in the world is Astana in Kazakhstan with average annual temperature of 3.5 degree celsius.

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