Brief Facts About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a beautiful tropical country with amazing landscapes and friendly people. Its warm climate and biodiversity are enough to lure visits from all over the world. 

#1. Nicaragua consists of three definite geographical regions: the Atlantic Lowlands, the North-Central Highlands and the Pacific Lowlands, and the latter is the most populous region of the country.

#2. Central America’s largest lake is Lake Nicaragua, which provides the water supply for much of Nicaragua and is the country’s largest tourist attraction. This lake is enormous and contains the largest lake island in the world.

#3. Nicaragua’s famous Dual Volcano is the only one in the world that is fed by two separate flows of magma. This makes it possible for it to erupt from two types of magma channels.

#4. There are around 430 volcanic islands in vast Lake Nicaragua. Nicaragua uses the intense steam from deep inside its volcanoes for geothermal energy.

#5. The country is susceptible to both earthquakes and volcanic activity as well as being extremely susceptible to hurricanes.

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