Brief Facts About Norway

Norway, officially known as the “Kingdom of Norway”, is a sovereign state and a unitary monarchy. The country has an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean.

1. Harald V is the present King of Norway. He represents the country and plays a ceremonial role.

2. More than 30% of the country has received higher education. Norwegian universities and state university colleges do not charge a tuition fee for international students.

3. Norway introduced Salmon Sushi to Japan in the 80s.

4. In 2017, Norway is ranked no. 1 in prosperity index while it stood second on the list in 2016.

5. Odd and Even are popular names for males in the country.

6. The late King Olav V used public transport and always paid the ticket. He might have done this to encourage people to make use of public transport instead of private vehicles to cut pollution and minimize traffic.

7. Norway was originally called “Nordweg” meaning the “Northern Way.”

8. The first ever ski jumper was a Norwegian. The Vefsn Nordland ski, found in Norway is dated to 5100 BC. Skiing could be by far one of the oldest sports in existence, if not the oldest.

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