Brief Facts About Paraguay

Paraguay is a country with great natural beauty and friendly people, but is one of the least visited in South America. Below are some interesting, funny and unusual facts about Paraguay’s history, culture, famous people, literacy rate, imports and exports, popular sports, animals, natural resources, wildlife and national parks, economy, tourism and much more.

#1. Paraguay’s nickname is the “Corazón de América” (the Heart of America). The name refers to Paraguay’s location in the center of the South American continent.

#2. Paraguay’s name is said to mean “crowned river” after the Guarani words for water and palm crown. According to former president Juan Natalicio Gonzalez, it means “river of the habitants of the sea.”

#3. The Itaipu Dam on the Parana River produces almost all of Paraguay’s electricity. Situated on the border with Brazil, the dam is owned by both countries.

#4. The Paraguay River, which divides the country into two halves, is South America’s second-longest river after the more famous Amazon River.

#5. Paraguay’s literacy rate is higher than that of the United States. Paraguay’s citizens age 15 and older read and write at a 94 percent literacy rate, compared to 86 percent for the U.S.

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